Five Ways Rev Makes Microsoft Teams Better

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Microsoft Teams integrations are an excellent way to get more out of Microsoft’s workplace collaboration tools.  And if your enterprise uses video with Teams, you’ll want to check out Vbrick Rev’s Microsoft Teams integration.

Rev is an industry-leading enterprise video platform that helps companies securely maximize live streaming and video content. Rev’s Microsoft Teams integration gives organizations the power of Rev with the utility of Teams.

Below are five ways you can get more out of Teams with Rev.

The Power of Rev’s Microsoft Teams Integration

Vbrick’s Rev Microsoft Teams integration connects your company’s Teams with rich video content and comprehensive video management.  Whether you’re recording meetings, live streaming, or delivering recorded video, Rev’s Teams integration lets your organization easily capture, manage, and distribute high-quality video.

Here are some of the most impactful things you can do with Rev’s Microsoft Teams integration.

1) Make it easy to find, store videos.

Rev improves your enterprise’s Microsoft Teams experience by giving you access within Teams to all your video content. All your company’s Teams users can search, browse, and view video-on-demand (VOD) content within your Teams client.

Your Teams users can also share links to videos within chat conversations and upload and find video content within Microsoft SharePoint. You can even use Rev’s Teams integration to video outside your organization.

Employees can also use Microsoft Teams to see and attend upcoming live streaming events broadcast with Rev. This feature means your workforce can stream Rev webcast events from within your Teams client.

And your Teams users can use Teams to record live calls on Rev. Doing so, pairs the benefits of Rev with Teams functionality, such as the ability for your employees to store and share their recordings with teammates.

2) Get enhanced video content.

One downside of Microsoft Teams is that you can translate your videos into only up to six languages. But Rev’s Teams integration lets you automatically transcript and translate your video content into as many as 48 languages.  More languages continue to be rolled out on a regular basis.

Plus, Rev provides enhanced search features, giving you the ability to put in a keyword and every video that has that word within it, will show up and indicate the precise location where you can start watching.  This ability helps you quickly find the content that you need so that you don’t have to watch each video from beginning to end in desperate search for the nugget of information that you need.

3) Keep viewers engaged

Rev’s Microsoft Teams integration makes Rev’s rich and engaging viewing experience possible for all of your company’s Teams users.

Employees watch VOD content and live streams through Rev’s video player. The player’s intuitive interface aligns with Netflix or YouTube, matching what today’s video viewers expect.

Rev also brings to Teams features such as chats, Q&As, and polls to keep viewers engaged throughout your live stream.  Speakers can collect immediate input from the audience which makes the live event dynamic and fun.

4) Deliver high-quality, reliable video

There’s nothing worse than having your live streams fail because of lagging video or poor video quality. Fortunately, Microsoft Teams with Rev ensures your users receive the highest-quality video and live streaming.

Rev lets your company reliably stream video content without hiccups or lags. Rev uses tools such as server caching, multicast distribution, and peer-assisted delivery to provide superb video quality whenever your employees access your videos, wherever their location, and whatever their network conditions.

5) Improve collaboration and workflows

Many organizations use Teams to collaborate and communicate across the enterprise, and Rev’s Microsoft Teams integration enhances Teams’ collaborative elements.

Along with making it easy for employees to upload, access, and distribute videos within Teams, Rev gives users the ability to track and manage their videos. You can customize Rev to your company’s workflows, using the platform to control video governance, legal approvals, and more.  It’s easy for your employees to make videos and upload it for views.  Therefore, having the appropriate measures within a platform so that the right people can approve the content before it goes live is critical.

Microsoft Teams, Better with Rev

Companies worldwide use Microsoft Teams to collaborate, especially now as COVID-19’s pushed more workforces to be remote.

And while Teams features some video capabilities, it’s not built to be an organization’s full-time video solution. But Vbrick’s Rev platform is.

Rev’s Microsoft Teams integration gives you all the power of Teams with the benefits of Rev’s industry-leading enterprise video platform. Rev enables your company to use Teams to:

  • Store and access all your organization’s videos
  • Find and join live webcasts
  • Engage during live streams
  • Watch high-quality videos without lags and buffering issues
  • Upload and share video content
  • Control video governance
  • Manage and customize video workflows and approvals
  • Improve video storage with detailed metadata
  • Securely store all your video content

Microsoft Teams is a valuable tool for the workplace, and now, thanks to Rev, it’s even better.

Are you interested in learning more about Vbrick’s Rev Platform? Find out why more and more companies are making Rev their enterprise video platform.

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