Corporate Communications


Town hall meetings with thousands of employees must be done flawlessly. Many employees don’t have access to live broadcasts and experience outages and delays due to poor network bandwidth or performance. Vbrick is the video platform of choice when it comes to live webcasts and recorded videos that work within your network securely. Rev makes it easy to record and distribute executive broadcasts both internally and externally.

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Video for Corporate Communications
Watch how our corporate communications professional struggles with ensuring that employees with limited bandwidth can watch All Hands meetings. She finds a solution with the Vbrick Rev platform and now employees are able to watch live video; download videos on demand and feel as though they are a part of the company.


Engage all your employees with the power of webcasting. Reach them in any office or on their mobile device.

Leverage video to connect with employees instead of impersonal emails or reports. Deliver your message live or record and easily distribute the message.

Engage with remote employees to ensure they feel connected and are up to date on all company information.

Show your investors the human side of your business by engaging them with video.

Easy to use, self-service interface helps prevent workflow bottlenecks

HD quality executive webcasts capable of being delivered to all global employees simultaneously

Content is thoroughly encrypted and access is kept secure via your existing identity management or single sign-on (SSO) system

Easy after-action reporting on aspects such as user attendance, drop off, and engagement


Identity Management

Controlled Access

Rev integrates with your existing security systems to ensure content is kept secure and access is controlled. Ensuring the right people have access to the right content is easy.

Unlimited Audience Size

Enterprise Sized Audiences

Many webcasting solutions cap attendance at a few thousand attendees. Rev is different in that it can not only serve up a wider audience, but also won’t cripple your network in delivering it.

Engagement Metrics

Optimize Engagement

Live or On-Demand, you will be able to measure how people interacted with your videos. Be it their duration, drop-offs, or viewing location; user insights are readily available.