Why Video Is A Potent Public Relations Tactic For Enterprises

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Image of the back of a videographer, recording an eventIt is harder and harder these days for public relations tactics. No matter how hard they work, PR tactics struggle to get noticed.

One reason is there are fewer reporters around to pay attention to public relations tactics. According to the Pew Research Center, the number of newsroom workers dropped by 27,000 between 2008 and 2019.

This cut means there are fewer people to cover news and industries.

And reporters have more coming at them, from social media to non-stop news headlines and story pitches. Fractl found in a 2019 survey of leading news organizations that staff editors receive on average 53 pitches a day.

No wonder public relations tactics are struggling.

But communications professionals, take heart. There is a tactic you can deploy to capture the media’s attention: video.

Video and live streaming is a phenomenally effective way to get reporters to notice your latest announcement and engage with your brand. And they might even distribute your video to their audiences, increasing the number of people who see your content.

In this blog post, we highlight some vital ways to incorporate video into your public relations tactics.

First, let us cover why video works as a PR tactic.

Why Video is a Fantastic Public Relations Tactic

Most reporters can tell you one of the first things they learned in journalism school is the mantra, “Show, don’t tell.”

The saying reminds reporters to provide evidence for what they are covering. That is why new stories often include quotes, charts, video footage, pictures, music, and more.

People understand messages you show them better than messages you tell them. The same logic applies to public relations tactics, which is where video comes in.

Video content and live streaming are literal ways of showing instead of telling them.

Let us say your company’s launching a new mobile app. You write a press release explaining how the application works and its benefits, making sure to highlight all the cool features.

But do you know what would be better? A video demonstrating how the app works.

Such a video will let journalists see why your app is worth their attention, instead of you telling them it is. And that change in perspective is more likely to get the reporter to give your application media coverage.

The “show, don’t tell” mantra works for recorded video and live streaming.

For example, you can live stream a product launch, exclusive to members of the media, in which you demonstrate how your latest app or software works. Or you can live stream an event you want the media to cover.

Now let us cover some specific ways to use video as a public relations tactic.

How Video Boosts Your Press Releases

Press releases have been around since 1906. That year, the Pennsylvania Railroad Company issued the first-ever press release, containing 300 words of nothing but text.

Try doing that in your next press release and see if it gets the media’s attention.

Press releases today require more than words. They need multimedia content, such as images and video.

You can embed videos into press releases or publish them on your website and link to them from the release. You might even want to post a video on social media and encourage reporters to see that content on your social media channels.

There is also a bonus to including video content in your press releases.

Media organizations need content. A reporter may use the video you include in your press release in their coverage or social media channels. If so, the audience for your video can grow exponentially.

If you are hosting a live-streamed event, include a link to it or the event’s registration page in your press release.

If you plan to record the event and make that content available after it is over, let reporters know that in the release. And let them know how they can access that content once it is ready.

Including video, either embedded or as a link, is a highly engaging public relations tactic that will increase the likelihood of the media seeing and reporting on your announcement.

Why Live Streaming is a Powerful PR Tool

Above, we mentioned live streaming an event. Now let us cover how to make that successful.

First, here are a few ways to leverage live streaming as a PR tactic:

  • Product launches
  • Leadership announcements
  • Press conferences
  • Media roundtables
  • Conferences

Following the “show, don’t tell” principle, live streaming the launch of a new product or the introduction of your new CEO is a powerful way to engage the media.

If it is a product launch, reporters can see how it works and what makes it worth their attention. If you are introducing a new executive, the media can see and hear why your organization’s chosen that person to lead them.

Similarly, live-streamed press conferences allow journalists to connect with your company and its leaders in insightful ways. With the right enterprise video platform, you can field reporters’ questions and deliver a thoroughly engaging experience.

Virtual media roundtables are another way to deploy live streaming.

You can invite an exclusive list of journalists to discuss with your company’s leadership team or one of your organization’s subject matter experts. The exclusivity can increase the likelihood of a reporter participating because they will feel honored to be invited. And the access you are granting them gives them an advantage over their peers.

Conferences are another live streaming public relations tactic.

Sure, reporters might not be the primary audience for your conference. But having them join might trigger future coverage of your brand, and it raises your visibility among the media.

One overall benefit to live streaming as a PR tactic is that it is not location specific.

Journalists from anywhere can attend your press conference, convention, or join your roundtable discussion if it is live-streamed. That is incredibly important in an era of budget-cutting newsrooms.

Show, Don’t Tell, With Video.

There are fewer reporters today than there were just a few years ago. At the same time, competition for journalists’ attention is at unprecedented levels.

Fortunately, video, and live streaming are two public relations tactics that enable organizations to cut through the noise and capture the media’s attention.

Companies can use videos to show reporters why their news is worth covering. Doing so delivers useful content that engages the media and might encourage a journalist to distribute your video to their audiences.

Likewise, live streaming offers many opportunities for supporting corporate communications. Live streaming opens the door to more journalists participating in your events, from live-streamed press conferences to exclusive, media-only discussions. That increased access can lead to more coverage of your brand.

When developing your PR strategy, remember, “Show, don’t tell.” And let video do the showing.

Would you like to discover more ways to leverage video in corporate communications? Contact a Vbrick video expert today.

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