It’s Time to Get Serious About Employee Engagement

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Employee engagement is an employee’s intellectual and emotional connection with an employer, demonstrated by motivation and commitment to positivelyimpact the company vision and goals.

There is no question that an increase in employee engagement drives meaningful results within every company.

Therefore, every CEO needs to be focused on increasing employee engagement. Unfortunately, many CEOs view employee engagement as strictly an HR function. And yet many HR Executives spend much of their time trying to convince their CEOs that employee engagement requires his/her support.

The fact is that the entire Executive Team must all play a role in increasing employee engagement.

Quarterly Town Halls Are Not Enough

Perhaps the most compelling mechanism to increase employee engagement is the use of video to communicate to your employees. The pandemic has dramatically increased the use of video across the enterprise. Whether that is small group meetings or large company-wide meetings. Video has become the new tool for employee engagement.

Yet many CEOs think they can get by with quarterly town halls to demonstrate their engagement with their employees.

Come on… that is only four per year. That is one every 90 days. The world is moving way too fast to only engage with your employees once per quarter!

So why do these CEOs not engage more frequently? The answer is simple: because it is a pain in the neck to execute on large scale events like Town Halls. The technology usually fails, must be tested every time, and generally creates a ton of drama.

Enter Vbrick – we have been doing large scale live streaming for 20+ years and know more about successfully distributing video on a large scale than anyone. By a long shot.

Companies implement the Vbrick platform to remove the drama associated with large scale live streaming events. The platform is always on and available with a single click of a button. Imagine having the ability to immediately broadcast a live event any time you want! A quick 15-minute weekly update from the CEO to the entire company. A daily 5-minute live message from the CEO or CFO. A quick update to all customers within minutes..

That is the Vbrick advantage.

Video Drives Valuable Employee Engagement

graphic of 2 people standing next to an oversized mobile phone, and carrying large The strategic and prolific use of live streaming video or video on demand will undoubtedly increase employee engagement. It is obvious. Think about these statistics and how your company would be impacted with these results.

A recent Gallup survey found that companies with high and sustainable levels of engagement have operating margins up to three times higher than companies with low or unsustainable levels of engagement.

In a study of nearly 200 organizations, companies with the highest levels of employee engagement were 22% more profitable and 21% more productive than those with low levels of engagement.

Another analysis found that organizations with engaged employees outperform those without by an astounding 202%.

Why Vbrick?

Vbrick is the recognized leader in live streaming and video on demand. Our platform combines built in Enterprise Security with full transcription and indexing of video content. Not just the title of the video but the actual content. Leveraging our AI platform, RevIQ, all video assets can be transcribed, translated and indexed to allow any employee to securely search for keywords and phrases across any recorded video.

Most companies have a combination of Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Webex throughout their organization. These recordings are all sitting in silos somewhere and the content within these videos are not able to be accessed easily. Vbrick’s Rev IQ module allows all videos to be transcribed and indexed so that the actual content of the videos becomes searchable by any authorized employee.

Imagine being able to search for any time the word “compliance” was said in any video recording across the entire organization. Imagine an Account Executive being able to search for any time their account was mentioned across any video recording within the organization. That is powerful stuff.

The use of video will continue to expand across all Enterprise organizations. That is a fact. Vbrick allows you to turn video into a strategic asset and not view it as a necessary evil.

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