How to Leverage Enterprise Video Platforms for Corporate Communication

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Video is shaping the way we communicate, especially in the business world. Because of this, 75% of CEOs believe video conferencing will replace traditional conference calls.

Video platforms offer many benefits to businesses. You can better communicate with remote employees; can hold conferences with clients and stakeholders from around the world, and more.

Business owners will benefit from having a centralized video platform. Centralized video platforms offer an all-in-one solution so business owners can easily manage their video for corporate communications.

If you are looking to improve corporate communication, here is why a centralized video platform is right for you and your business and how to leverage the benefits.

Why Use Video for Corporate Communication? 

Before we can discuss the benefits of using video for your corporation, we first must discuss why video communication is so powerful.

Video improves your corporate communications strategy. That is because of the visual aspect.

Visual communication is more powerful than text or audio communication because we process information faster in a visual medium. This is why video is effective when business owners share valuable insights.

In addition, teams who use video conferencing feel more connected than teams who do not use video communication. Your remote employees will feel like they are part of the team. You will get to know clients and stakeholders a lot better. Video communication is the closest thing to face-to-face communication and results in more connected relationships.

The Benefits of Centralized Video Platforms 

Your business will achieve individual benefits when optimizing your communication for video. Here are some of the benefits you should know.

Improved Internal and External Corporate Communication

Your staff will gain more from an internal communication video than an email. Discussing your company policies, any updates, or even holding meetings and conferences on video will make your viewers feel like they are right next to you.

Because more people engage better with video than audio or text, they will better comprehend your messages. Video gives you more opportunities to share vital information and you will have an improved connection with your staff members.

Your external communication will also improve. Video is not only a more effective communication method but it is also more personal. You have more opportunities to connect with those outside of your organization, such as clients and stakeholders.

You Have More Opportunities With Video

Video platforms offer more communication opportunities than text and audio alone. You can add presentations, graphs, charts, and other visuals to prove your point. You can have more than one person join your meetings, such as another executive or stakeholder.

Videos also get to the point. If you are discussing something important, you can write a well-written script that only states the facts and important points that usually are hidden in a wall of text.

Even if you do not add these aspects, video is a better communications vehicle than audio and text. You will reach and engage your audience faster, improving your overall communication process.

woman smiling look at her laptopMore Engaging for Remote Employees and Colleagues

Instead of traveling to meet with stakeholders in different countries or only hiring staff members in your local area, you can host meetings and training sessions with remote employees and colleagues.

Instead of sending mass emails and text messages, videos improve transparency for all employees and colleagues, no matter where they are located.

Ways Your Business Can Use Centralized Video Platforms

Centralized video platforms open up different communication opportunities for different businesses. Here are ways you can use centralized video platforms.

Improve Communication With Corporate Governance

Communication is the key to corporate governance success. Nevertheless, this can be tricky if your executives work remotely, if you own a global business with partners located throughout the world, if you need to make a presentation for your investors, or if you are unable to collaborate with your stakeholders onsite.

Video improves communication in many ways. You can easily share information and videos are flexible. You can host a webcast or a large meeting all on one platform. This cuts down on time and travel expenses.

Film Announcements

Phone camera shown in the fore ground with woman in the back, out of focusDo you have anything important to announce? Instead of sending a mass email, film a video announcement. Centralized video platforms offer many options — you can host a live video conference or webcast where your executives and employees can tune in or you can film a pre-recorded announcement.

If you are announcing a positive change in your workforce, your employees can feel more motivated by watching you discuss your successes. Moreover, if you are announcing anything related to internal changes or risk management, your video message will resonate with employees better.

Broadcast Events, Meetings, Presentations, and Conferences

Whether your business is holding a small conference or a huge town hall meeting, broadcasting your meetings is ideal for those who are unable to attend your meetings. They can attend a live video broadcast and participate like any member of the meeting.

Webcasting major conferences is not your only option. You can also livestream team presentations and meetings for remote employees as well as global business partners and stakeholders. The right program can also give your remote employees and colleagues a chance to participate, as if they were in the office. 

Improve Your Recruitment and New Employee Training

Webcasting and video conferencing is not only ideal for existing staff. You can record or livestream videos to improve new staff training. This is key for remote hires unable to join you in the office.

Videos will also improve the hiring process. You can release a video detailing your company and you can conduct video job interviews. New hires can also connect with other members of your office, such as HR and their supervisors, all on video.

There is also another main reason to implement video in the hiring process. Today, the modern employer is focusing on hiring millennials and Gen Z; both generations are tech-savvy and expect their employers to follow digital trends.

Woman on her laptop, watching a training video

Promote Collaboration

Leaders and executives are not the only ones who can utilize centralized video platforms. Video platforms help workers collaborate, especially in remote environments. Staff members can video conference with each other, staying connected while working on projects.

Streaming video also offers new learning opportunities, especially for new hires. Video collaboration helps staff members understand processes and other information that can improve their performance.

Manage Communication for Each Department

Company communication can be difficult if your business is broken up into different departments. That is why streamlining your communication by department is essential.

Centralized video platforms can connect each department to their staff, hosting regular meetings and training sessions. This is also beneficial if your department is largely remote or if your business has multiple offices.

Videos can be streamed publicly or hosted securely. This is beneficial for employee reviews and in other instances where you need to speak with an employee privately.

How to Choose the Best Centralized Video Platform 

Not every centralized video platform is the same. Whether you own a small business or are hosting a huge meeting, such as a town hall meeting, you will need a reliable centralized video platform. Here is how to choose the best platform.

The Basics

The best video platform has a user-friendly interface that anyone can learn. This helps expedite training, even in a remote environment. Executives can also manage meetings easier, such as tracking everyone in the video, engagement levels, and whether anyone signs on/off.

You will also want to look for HD-quality video and ensure you stay connected throughout the entirety of the meeting.

Finally, yet importantly, you will want to find a secure platform. All data should be encrypted and video access should always be private.

Know Your Needs

Every business has different needs when it comes to video communication. Businesses of all sizes can utilize remote collaboration and video webcasts. However, there are specific solutions that are tailored to niche business. For example, video collaboration with investors, town hall meetings, and other videos that call for an unlimited audience size.

If you have specific solutions you are looking for, ensure you find a platform that can work with your needs.

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