Bringing Global Teams Closer Through Video

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Teams are becoming increasingly global and, now more than ever, increasingly remote. However, it is critical to maintain strong lines of communication and encourage collaboration while working from home.

Video has the potential to deliver highly rich and human experiences to team members, partners and customers around the globe. Whether you are delivering a mission-critical webcast or a marketing video on your website, video can help to supercharge that connection.

In order to help our customers deliver video experiences in multiple languages, we are now offering the ability to translate subtitles between 21 different language options. This offering is part of our Rev IQ video AI solution and will give you the power to transcribe and translate a video in one simple workflow. You can choose to add subtitles to all of your new content automatically.

However, there is more to supporting multi-language teams than subtitles. We also put a lot of thought into localization, default transcript selection and other nuances that make Rev easier to use for global organizations. We think of language support as having four major components:

  • Localization – The Rev platform has been translated and localized into 11 different language options with the addition of Italian in our most recent release.
  • Transcription – We support automatic speech recognition of videos in seven different languages in Rev IQ.
  • Translation – We now offer translation of subtitles across 21 different language options in Rev IQ.
  • Subtitle Support – We also support adding subtitles in 27 different languages where we show the language option in a user’s native tongue with eight just added.

Translation and localization help to improve the accessibility of your message, but it can also help your audience discover the right content as well. Our transcripts help to power our rich search experience that allows people to jump right to the place in a video where a word was said. We also empower users to search through a video transcript to find relevant information more efficiently.

Rev allows you to capturing all of your videos for company town hall meetings, training, meeting recordings and their associated information in one place. The ability to search and consume that content in your native language offers a way to unlock the value of that video content for your global team.

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