Published On: 01/16/24

Vbrick + ServiceNow

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Work has changed significantly over the past 20 years. People previously worked in offices and communicated using phones, but now work often happens remotely. Video conferencing has become ubiquitous, from company town halls to daily standups. However, many organizations are not utilizing video to its full potential as it can be complex to manage, distribute, and secure. By integrating the video platform Vbrick with the workflow platform ServiceNow, valuable video content can be intelligently and securely delivered to the right people at the right time within their existing work processes in ServiceNow. This allows issues to be resolved faster, policies to be communicated more effectively, and skills to be developed through on-demand training videos. Process efficiency, knowledge sharing, employee experience, and ROI can all increase by unleashing the full power of video through the combined capabilities of Vbrick and ServiceNow.
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