Published On: 02/14/23

Eye on Business Video with Neal Stanton, Vice President of Alliances at Vbrick

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Vbrick Senior Vice President of Alliances, Neal Stanton, joins Wainhouse Senior Analyst, Steve Vonder Haar to discuss the evolving role of networking infrastructure used to distribute one-to-many video behind the corporate firewall.

Video traffic can clog corporate networks when hundreds or thousands of employees click to watch a live webcast at the same time. Enterprise Content Delivery Network (eCDN) solutions help organizations disseminate video more efficiently, enabling the content to be distributed without crashing the corporate network. As more organizations embrace large-scale webcasting for employee communications and town hall meetings, their need for a cohesive strategy for managing the flow of video in the corporate network has become increasingly apparent.

This video covers the need for open eCDN technology capable of interoperating with several vendors, the advantages of having an eCDN that provides multiple distribution modalities, how security issues factor into the selection of video distribution technology, and more.

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