Actionable Insights for Your Video Streaming

Granular Video Analytics For All Video

Rev offers in-depth analytics for any type of video, live and on-demand. Rev can collect both user information and video streaming details so that all aspects of a video streaming session can be analyzed.

Engagement Analytics

This type of reporting shows how users interact with both on-demand videos and webcasts. Viewing duration and user drop-off data show how videos are being consumed so you know how users are watching video and where within your network they attend live webcasts.
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Quality of Experience Analytics

This dashboard shows the quality of the streaming experience. With insights into streaming bit rate and user bandwidth, IT admins can understand why sections of the network deliver different experiences and ensure that viewers receive streams optimized for their device and location.
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Video Analytics is Important to All Aspects of Video Programs

Webcast Post Mortem

After a CEO broadcast, webcast teams will want to review the quality and success of each event. Rev analytics provide data that all teams can use to constantly improve webcast experiences.
Compliance Certification

Compliance training is mission-critical to every organization.  Rev ensures that you can track video viewing down to each employee, and that videos have been viewed completely.
Regional Usage Patterns

Offering a global workforce access to a live town hall event is only part of the picture. You also need to know which locations have attended your event to ensure that your corporate message has not only been sent, but also received.
Mobile Usage

BYOD is here to stay, but organizations are still grappling with how to enable mobile usage across platforms. Rev analytics offers data that help you understand mobile viewing trends.

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