Multinational Financial Services Firm Intelligently Innovates and Automates with Vbrick

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This multinational financial services firm is transforming every facet of its operations to become a truly data-driven organization. At the heart of its strategy is the belief that every person should have access to information that drives better decision-making and makes life easier. Vbrick’s enterprise video platform (EVP) is foundational to this operating model and across the firm, video is viewed as a powerful data asset for engaging and empowering associates.

Challenge: A Visionary Video Approach Comes with Complex Technology Requirements

With forward-looking leadership at the helm, this multinational financial services firm recognized its existing legacy streaming video infrastructure could not advance its vision for integrating video pervasively into daily workflows for all of its users. They needed a cloud-native solution not just capable of delivering a “YouTube for the enterprise” level experience, but flexible enough to meet a long list of specialized requirements including granular access control, robust APIs, and an all-inclusive eCDN to prevent network congestion.

The firm launched an intensive evaluation process of more than 25 cloud technology providers, involving many internal stakeholders, including the firm’s development team that would architect the new video system.

Solution: A Rock-Solid Video Infrastructure Enables High-Velocity Innovation

The internal development team was impressed by Vbrick’s end-to-end enterprise video capabilities and extensible infrastructure, but it wasn’t the technology that convinced them to buy vs. build. It ultimately came down to trust. In working side-by-side with the internal development team, Vbrick engineers created a tailored implementation roadmap that emphasized automation and demonstrated deep technical acumen and proven results that empower dynamic, value-based user experiences. Firm stakeholders were confident that a partnership with Vbrick was the best path forward, and soon the project was underway.

The goal was to develop a custom firmwide streaming video experience powered by Vbrick’s extensible enterprise Video Platform as a Service (VPaaS) to deliver video on demand, live webcasts, and first-class experiences to tens of thousands of global associates.

With Vbrick being the expert in enterprise video and eCDN distribution, the internal development could focus on building out the customized end-user experience. They took advantage of Vbrick’s robust suite of APIs and video SDK resources to customize application components and work quickly and dynamically based on user permissions. As they progressed, they sought new ways to embed video functionality, such as advanced analytics and dynamic access controls, into their designs. Their dedicated Vbrick team was always up for the challenge, creating customized APIs, reimagining conventional use cases, and intelligently automating processes — for instance, using Docker to spin up multiple containerized distributed media engines (DMEs) to deliver borderless live and stored content to users at rapid scale.

Results: Delivering on a Firmwide Video Vision

Building upon Vbrick’s highly secure and scalable infrastructure and robust video features has enabled the firm to accelerate development timelines and jumpstart deployment of the new video system.

Live news updates, strategic announcements, and executive briefings are streaming around the world — often to thousands of employees simultaneously. Thanks to Vbrick-backed distribution capabilities such as DME proxy caching, video performance is not an issue for the firm.

As the firm’s on-demand video assets migrate to one centralized, cloud-based repository, associates can quickly and easily access resources – in their preferred languages — to help them master market insights, enhance customer experiences and develop new skills.

Functional teams across the firm — from marketing to IT to HR — are discovering new ways to amplify impact through video. Meanwhile, Vbrick’s best-of-breed security controls work behind the scenes to ensure all video assets are secure within the boundaries of the firm’s ethical, privacy, and contractual standards.

The firm recognizes that video is vital to organizational transformation and remains hyper-focused on enabling users to consume video in every single application they use. As the organization realizes its video vision internally, there is opportunity to widen its gaze. With an intrepid development team and proven EVP partner in Vbrick, the firm is well-positioned to make video a powerful asset for its entire ecosystem of employees, partners and customers in the future.

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