Enterprise Content Delivery Network (ECDN)

An enterprise content delivery network (ECDN) optimizes video delivery, minimizes bandwidth impact, and supports enterprise security and prioritization policies.  Absent an ECDN, every request for a video stream will result in a unique session between the Video Content Management System (VCMS) and the client. In a scenario in which a CEO streams a live broadcast to a 10,000-person company, this could result in potentially as many as 10,000 unique sessions traversing the network. Thus, the job of the ECDN is to optimize these streams to minimize network impact and optimize video performance.

An enterprise content delivery network may also cache video content, again further reducing bandwidth consumption. A cache, for example at a branch office, may store a video stream so that users obtain the stream from a local source rather than the VCMS. ECDNs also include the ability to prioritize delivery of specific streams, e.g., executive broadcasts having a higher priority than YouTube. They provide analytics on number of users, views, and stream performance, as well as provide stream encryption and access control to limit the stream availability to only those specifically authorized to view it.

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