Video Blog: Secure Enterprise Video

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Hello, my name’s Terry Medhurst and I am the CIO here at Vbrick and responsible for our cloud service. My priority is to keep your data secure, available, and scaled to meet the needs of your most critical Webcasts and VOD events.

At Vbrick, security begins in product management where our application capabilities are first conceived. So if we are building a new capability that leverages facial recognition, we want to know how that is going to impact our privacy obligations, GDPR, and our security posture as a whole.

Working closely with engineering, our Cloud Operations team will be working on a design to harden and deploy the build with the appropriate controls in place to effectively secure the cloud infrastructure. Our security team will analyze the potential threat landscape and how we best defend it and detect potentially suspicious behavior, external attacks, and other threats.

Thank you for viewing this short video blog and for our current customers, your trust in allowing Vbrick to securely deliver video to your organization. Please consider joining my colleague David Jeyes in the next of our video blog series to learn about our class-leading analytics.

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