How Video Can Help Organizations Attract New Talent

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Video can define company culture and mission statements in less than five minutes. Communication experts may not realize it, but video improves hiring new talent and boosting a company’s productivity.

Glassdoor’s 2019 Mission & Culture Survey found that 77% of job seekers research company culture before application. And video gives you an engaging, unique way to demonstrate who your company is and what it is about to potential applicants.

Show off your company culture in a video highlighting employees and your organization’s leadership. Use video to tell your enterprise’s story, from beginning to present day. Make your application process by giving potential applicants an explainer, how-to video walking them through how your company hires new talent.

Insert your organization’s personality into your talent acquisition videos.

Is your company culture fun and lighthearted? Incorporate humor into your videos. Maybe you’re a mission-based organization. Then you’ll want to highlight the impact your team has on the work they’re doing.

Video is rapidly shifting how enterprises operate, including how organizations attract new talent. It’s an opportunity for communications professionals to boost their company’s talent acquisition efforts.

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