You didn’t just buy a solution. You made an investment in your enterprise video journey. And we’re here to make sure you get the most out of that investment.

Vbrick’s array of professional and training services are developed and managed by a world-class team of experts whose ultimate goal is your success. From integration of the solution into existing infrastructures to post-deployment on-site and online training, our professionals will set you up for successful video delivery within your organization.

Vbrick’s dedicated Professional Services team delivers results-oriented Professional Services that ensure your new deployments, system upgrades and integrations are not only implemented, but tested and deployed successfully. We offer a comprehensive range of Implementation, Training and Managed Services based on a streamlined, pragmatic methodology that delivers consistent results - fast. Grounded in best practice, but optimized to support the frenetic pace of today’s business demands, our approach ensures we don’t just ‘ship product’ but rather map out an assured path to success from defining the problem we set out to solve, through implementation and beyond.

Trust Built on Experience
  • 15 years of implementation experience
  • 100% Certified Engineers
  • PMI certified Project Managers
  • ISO9000 Certified
  • Direct access to Internal Support, Engineering and Product Management teams

Implementation Lifecycle Vbrick Professional Services offers full life cycle implementation and adoption services direct to our customers based on our proven methodology. Customers may also leverage our global network of Certified Implementation Partners.

At Vbrick, we believe in knowledge sharing and sparking a passion for video distribution. Vbrick University was created to do just that, by providing learners with the information, skills, and proficiencies they need to be successful. Our multi-modal learning is goal-oriented, contextual, interesting, challenging, and interactive. Learn more at Vbrick University

Training and educational offerings include:
  • Self-paced asynchronous learning delivered online via Vbrick University
  • Virtual synchronous instructor-led offerings
  • Private training classes delivered at Vbrick and customer locations
  • Custom content development

Vbrick University Advantage:
  • Built on solid instructional design and development experience
  • Content mapped to use cases
  • Leveraged industry experts for subject matter expertise
  • Modular catalog of offerings

Anytime, Anywhere Training. Log In. Learn. Time. We realize that time is probably one of your most valuable assets. So, here at Vbrick, we offer online education about our products to better leverage your available time (no matter how little). Vbrick’s online university is available as an annual subscription. It consists of online, self-paced content ranging from structured eLearning courses to downloadable job aids to virtual instructor-led sessions. No need to book a flight, just have a seat and plug in.

Vbrick Training Principles Our learning design and delivery methodology supports how adults learn. This theory of adult learning, andragogy, is built on six fundamental principles about adult learners:
  1.  Need to Know: Adults need to know the reason for learning
  2.  Experience: Adults draw upon their experiences to aid their learning
  3.  Self-Concept: Adults need to be responsible for their decisions about education, involvement in planning and evaluation of their instruction
  4.  Readiness: Adults value learning that integrates with the demands placed upon them in their everyday life
  5.  Orientation: As a person learns new knowledge, he/she wants to apply it immediately in problem solving
  6.  Motivation: Intrinsic motivation to learn

Additional Information What is an annual subscription? An annual subscription license provides one or more users (depending on the subscription purchased) with unlimited access to all content available online at Vbrick University for one full year. You can take a course as many times as you’d like. It’s like a buffet, come back for more. Content will continually be added and updated, and will include access to online content for Vbrick products, job aids, facilitated forums, and scheduled instructor support for training content. Subscription term runs 12 months from first log in. How will the virtual course content compare with the in-person course content?  For our first-generation release of the new Vbrick University, the course content will mimic the legacy course content previously offered in person in Wallingford, CT but now in a self-paced online format. Additional resources will continually be added to enhance your educational experience. If you are not ready to dive into a subscription, you can always schedule a private instructor-led session. How will the virtual university support the VNCE certification process? The assessment-based certificate program will remain very similar. A user interested in obtaining a Vbrick certificate will need to complete all applicable course content, as well as complete and pass a cumulative assessment.

Vbrick Premium Services ensures that your Vbrick solution performs at top efficiency regardless of whatever network, application or infrastructure changes come your way. Leveraging decades of experience gleaned from hundreds of successful implementations worldwide, the Vbrick team is dedicated to ensuring that your video platform is always available where, and when, you need it.

Vbrick Premium Services Offerings:
  • Quarterly managed updates
  • Solution optimization and tuning
  • Event support and monitoring
  • Operational consulting and best practices
  • Adoption recommendations and usage metrics

VBrick Premium Services Advantages:
  1.  Utilize our experts - let VBrick focus on the technology while you focus on content
  2.  Stay current - understand how to leverage new and existing capabilities in your system
  3.  Optimize your implementation - leverage our experience delivering hundreds of implementations worldwide to drive adoption and refine your operational processes
  4.  Evaluate your progress - let VBrick extract and analyze meaningful metrics on video delivery in your organization


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