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Vbrick Rev - Video CMS

The Cloud Removes the Hassle of Global Video Management

Using Rev in a fully hosted environment ensures your video management capabilities will scale into the future. A cloud solution enables global workforces to easily access, contribute and consume video no matter where they are located or what their job function. A fully responsive experience guarantees that users  will always be able to access their video library, and give employees that 'Enterprise YouTube' experience.

Empower Employees to Create Video

Rev users can create videos using a variety of methods. Rev supports all the common video formats for upload, but Rev provides additional upload methods such as direct integration to Cisco WebEx, Cisco TCS, and Cisco CMS to import recordings. Rev also offers direct integration and recording to many SIP-based video conference solutions. Furthermore, video captured on a smartphone can be easily uploaded directly from the handheld device to enable on-the-go video capture.
Vbrick Rev - Enterprise Video Management
Vbrick Rev CMS- Streaming to all Devices

Streaming to All Devices

With Rev's built-in scalable transcoding engine, each video is converted to the right format to suit your streaming needs. Using the latest adaptive bit rate streaming formats and our HTML5 video player, Rev ensures that users on all devices can stream each video whether they watch from their desktop, smartphone or tablet.

Viewer Usage and Video Analytics

Knowing how many views a video receives is not enough to understand whether you are producing quality video. Rev's in-depth video analytics offer insights into how users interact with video to answer questions such as who is watching each video, did they complete the video, where did viewers drop off, what devices are they viewing with, and much more.
Vbrick Rev - Online Video Editing

Online Video Editing

Having a simple online video editor is important for users to complete the process of video creation. Vbrick understands the challenges with installing software on locked down desktop environments. Rev's online video editor is 100% browser based and free from legacy plugins or Flash. Every user that uploads video can trim and cut out video segments to ensure only the right content is included in the finished product.


Security is at the heart of the Rev solution. As a multi-tenant cloud platform, security is woven into the fabric of our solution. Using state of the art encryption methods for both at-rest storage and video distribution, each video is protected. Within the portal, Rev's granular access control features ensure that videos are only visible to users that have been granted access so they are not available internally or externally without explicit consent.
Vbrick Rev - CMS Security
Vbrick Rev CMS - Video Retention

Video Retention Policies

Vbrick understands that as video libraries grow each organization will govern and manage retention policies differently. Rev provides tools to expire or publish videos on specific dates. Rev also provides approval features to ensure before any video is made available, that the correct retention settings are in place.

Enterprise Search

Rev provides the enterprise search capabilities to access all video metadata and the spoken word within each video. With Rev speech search, each video transcript becomes searchable metadata so that users can easily find relevant content within videos, eliminating the wasted time hoping to land on the right clip. Additionally, when a search needs to be narrowed down, search filters make it easy to isolate the right set of videos.
Vbrick Rev CMS - Enterprise Search
Vbrick Rev CMS- Teams

Collaborate on Video Within Organizational Teams

Organizational departments or functional groups often share and collaborate on video content specific to their area. Teams offers an easy way to organize video not by metadata, but by functional group, so that video content stays relevant and easy to find within organizational groups, or Teams.

Video for Demand Generation and Corporate Messaging

Video is one of the most powerful tools marketers have to convert new leads and spread their brand message. Rev's unique feature suite offers marketers the ability to use the same internal system for external video delivery. Video can be embedded on public websites or used on landing pages within marketing automation campaigns. Rev's video analytics can be used within marketing automation programs or regular website analytics when comparing the performance of various marketing assets.
Vbrick Rev CMS - Video Integrations

Moffitt Cancer Center talks about using Rev to share video with staff, patients and partners.


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