Enterprise Video Conferencing: Exploring Strategic Integrations

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Supersize the Value of Video Conferencing Using Rev

Man video conferencing another man on his computer screen in a professional settingIn February 2019 the VOIP Provider review site, GetVOIP, published a blog titled, “Video Conferencing in 2019: Will It Ever Become the Norm?”  The blog was an excellent discussion of the evolution of video conferencing and the emerging focus on meeting solutions.  The blog supported the assertion that video was moving from a highly used technology in people’s personal lives to a mainstream technology in the workplace.  However, the blog also examined the speed at which that would happen. Oh how times have changed.

As a result of COVID-19, companies have overnight confronted a remote workforce and have turned to video to support business continuity.  Video-savvy enterprises are leveraging video conferencing solutions like Cisco Webex and Zoom to quickly convert in-person meetings, events and activities into virtual events.  Employees are empowered to work from anywhere, anytime and on any device so they can stay connected with their teams and can continue business operations.

Large Scale Digital Events

While video conferencing solutions have clear and present value in today’s environment, many companies are realizing the limitations of these solutions when it comes to delivering large scale events – whether it be a virtual all employee town hall or an industry event that was moved to a virtual event to avoid all out cancellation.

Many video conferencing solutions are not equipped to support audience sizes that exceed 1,000 attendees and companies are left scrambling to find a solution.  Unlike team collaboration, large scale video can be complex and must be delivered with a perfect viewing experience regardless of viewer location, bandwidth or device.  Simply, the stakes get higher when you deliver your employee town hall or user conference via video live stream.

Leading companies are using an enterprise video platform – like Vbrick’s Rev Platform –  to securely and efficiently deliver high-quality live and on-demand video to huge audiences internally using the corporate wide area network and externally via the cloud.  More importantly, Rev integrates with a company’s existing web and video conferencing platforms like Cisco Webex and Zoom to turn them in to full featured large audience streaming solutions with robust content management capability.

Platform Integrations

As a result of Rev’s prebuilt integrations, companies can use Webex, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams to capture the live streaming event and leverage Rev’s industry leading video distribution capabilities to ensure the event is delivered in the most bandwidth-efficient way possible.

Rev supports limitless scalability to cover all sizes of live streaming events and provides robust video analytics to provide insight on viewer engagement (which is more difficult to evaluate for in person events) and overall video viewing experience.  Rev also records your live streaming event and makes it available for playback in a secure, searchable video library that can integrate with other core business applications.

Visit the Vbrick listing in the Zoom App Marketplace to learn more about how to leverage the Zoom integration.

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