Who We Are

We’re your enterprise video experts. We’re your solution to complex challenges. We’re your partner. With more than a thousand customers in over 100 countries, Vbrick is a leading provider of enterprise video platforms.

What We Do

Vbrick believes in the power of video to transform the workplace. Our mission is to enable progressive businesses to use the power of intuitive, compelling and persuasive video communications to move smarter and faster.

What we Offer

We designed a next-generation enterprise video platform that uniquely removes the technology and pricing restraints that have held business back from tapping video’s clear advantage to motivate and engage people, wherever they are. Called Rev, our platform delivers a modern portal experience to workers that mirrors that of consumer websites, intuitive workflows that enable non-technical users to run the most common video applications, and its own enterprise network video distribution capability that securely delivers premium visual quality across many devices and widely varying network conditions. Rev’s pricing model encourages unlimited video creation, viewing, bandwidth and storage via a straightforward, predictable annual subscription.

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All You Can Eat Pricing – Rather than old-school live streaming services, we offer Rev as an affordable annual subscription that provides nearly unlimited live and on-demand video use. The more you use, the better your ROI.  Compare that with expensive, usage-based service fees. Next-Gen Technology – Ours is the only enterprise video platform that has been rebuilt from the ground up to be a truly cloud-native application that can dynamically scale to meet massive requirements. You benefit from elastic capabilities when you need them, flexible pricing not related to physical ports, and flexible deployment models that let you manage video in the cloud while delivering it via our on premise eCDN. Compare this with services built in the 1990s. Best Enterprise Video Distribution Solution – Our solution solves one of the biggest challenges enterprises face when trying to increase their video use: bandwidth limitations. We built our own eCDN that ensures video won’t clog your corporate network. Compare this to third-party services that don’t integrate with your video management system. Purpose-Built for the Enterprise – Rev is a centralized platform that everyone in an organization can use for much more than just passively viewing video. Rev has automated workflows that support the widely used video applications – from live CEO broadcasts, to IT video network distribution and bandwidth optimization, to marketing webinars and website video hosting, to quick-turn training and knowledge transfer. Rev enables everyone to be a content creator, viewer and user, with distinct roles for centrally administering, controlling and approving video for enterprise use. Compare that with services built for video professionals to stream video across the open internet. Security – Vbrick has heavily invested in ensuring that the security needs of its customers – from Fortune 10 corporations to the Federal Government – are met and exceeded. Vbrick solutions are built and maintained with security in mind, from the infrastructure level through to our enterprise video platform application layer and operational processes required by the most exacting government and commercial cloud-platform specifications. Learn More

Your Success is Our Success

Vbrick has unmatched domain knowledge in video down to the chip level and has been curating that knowledge for over 15 years of serving thousands of visionary customers around the globe. Our customers'success, though, is ultimately how we gauge our own success, and is a singular focus for Vbrick. The combination of our dedication to your success, to building the most innovative products and forging the best industry partnerships provide an execution ability that ensure that Vbrick is your best video partner.


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