Videos Should be Available From any Enterprise System

Employees expect to have access to documents, conversations, graphics, photos and videos from any enterprise application.  As video content has grown in importance, a video platform that integrates with these corporate applications is critical.  For example, if colleagues are communicating using Microsoft Teams, they can now easily record, capture screen images, upload them and share them across the organization from Teams. 

Marketing departments who are entrenched with their favorite Content Management System (CMS) should have the ability to tap into videos from a single platform.  When a digital marketer is using a Web Content Management System (WCM) like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, he or she should be able to quickly pull up an approved and relevant video to embed within a blog or web page.

The same holds true for Customer Service reps and Sales people who are using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools.  As an example, a sales rep can record video summaries of calls as opposed to typing out a recap to send to a prospect.  Presentations, demos, audio files are all preserved within a CRM tool such as Salesforce for future reference.

Additionally, it is essential to integrate with video conferencing tools such as Zoom.  Most video conferencing tools aren’t designed for large-scale streaming, recording and storage of video conference meetings.  A robust video platform that is designed to handle large capacity and address bandwidth challenges is necessary.  By having such a platform, you can increase collaboration which lends itself to better productivity.  Additionally, your reach is increased since you can now engage thousands of viewers who can watch seamlessly from any device. 

Ultimately, having a video platform that integrates with the tools that your employees are already using is a decision that will enable employees to become more efficient.  By ensuring that a platform ties into enterprise applications’ API’s is a sure-fire way to take the company forward as employees continue to use technology-rich methods of communication.

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