Video: The X Factor for Business Continuity

Since the initial outbreak of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus disease) in late 2019, the virus has spread across 60 countries and infected over 90,000 individuals globally with over 3,000 known deaths.   While the majority of those infected and the deaths recorded have been in China, the impact of the growing health crisis has been seen and felt across global health, business and financial markets.  Travelers are electing to cancel or postpone personal travel and companies such as Twitter, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are restricting employee business travel and promoting recommended work from home policies. 

The Impact On Communications and Events

Many companies are even cancelling large scale company and industry events to combat the spread of the virus.  As an example, 30,000 people signed a petition to cancel SXSW, the annual media festival in Austin, TX (Update: SXSW was canceled 3/6/20). While this event has not yet been cancelled, many noteworthy events from conferences to festivals to sporting events have been cancelled or postponed.  Facebook recently cancelled its F8 event, its annual conference for developers, and has elected to conduct local events and deliver live-streamed content.  The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the largest smartphone conference of the year, was cancelled after major companies including LG, Amazon, and Ericsson pulled out of the event.  Many companies, like Workday, are electing to conduct virtual sales conferences vs holding traditional destination events.

Video Supports Business Operations Continuity

Amidst these global fears, companies are seeking ways to maintain business continuity and ensure employees, partners and customers remain connected and productive.  In these troubled times, many companies are turning to video as a critical component of business continuity.  Video-savvy enterprises are able to leverage unified communication and collaboration solutions like Cisco Webex to quickly convert in-person meetings, events and activities into virtual events.  Employees are empowered to work from anywhere, anytime and on any device so they can stay connected with their teams and can continue business operations. 

Video Supports Large Scale Event Continuity

Rather than cancelling an event entirely, companies are also turning to video to conduct large scale virtual events in the place of destination events.  However, unlike team collaboration, large scale video can be complex and must be delivered with a perfect viewing experience regardless of viewer location, bandwidth or device.  Simply, the stakes get higher when you move your user conference or customer conference to a virtual event.  Leading companies are using an enterprise video platform – like Vbrick’s Rev Platform –  to securely and efficiently deliver high-quality live and on-demand video to huge audiences internally using the corporate wide area network and externally via the cloud.  Rev supports limitless scalability to cover all sizes of live streaming events and provides robust video analytics to provide insight on viewer engagement (which is more difficult to evaluate for in person events) and overall video viewing experience.  Rev also records your live streaming event and makes it available for playback in a secure, searchable video library that can integrate with other core business applications.  Additionally, Rev integrates with a company’s existing web and video conferencing platforms like Cisco Webex and Zoom to turn them in to full featured large audience streaming solutions with robust content management capability.  So you can use Webex or Zoom to capture your live streaming event and leverage Rev’s industry leading video distribution capabilities to ensure your event is delivered in the most bandwidth-efficient way possible.

Business Continuity Powered By Video

Where the virus will spread and to what degree remains unknown and unpredictable.  In response companies are seeking ways to maintain business continuity and remain connected to employees, partners and customers.  Video is a critical factor in maintaining business continuity whether it is small team meetings or large scale customer events.  Now more than ever, video is an imperative for your business and leveraging Rev standalone or along with existing web and video conferencing solutions like Cisco Webex are the perfect solution to provide predictable continuity in an unpredictable world.