Enterprise IP Video leader VBrick Systems today unveiled Release 2.0 of its 9000 Series, a groundbreaking line of video encoding and decoding appliances that deliver an unmatched level of HD video quality and best-in-class channel density. The 9000 will be featured November 28th and 29th at Government Video Expo in the VBrick Booth, #247, at the Washington, D.C. Convention Center. The product’s new capabilities make it the ideal platform for mission-critical applications such as surveillance, telemedicine, broadcast backhaul and TV distribution deployments.

Release 2.0 of the 9000 Series enables HD encoding and decoding in the same network element. With encode latency under 50 milliseconds, and end-to-end latency under 100 milliseconds, the 9000 Series offers broadcast quality video at costs far less than other broadcast-grade alternatives. The growing demand for streaming video in corporate, education, government and healthcare institutions is driving the innovation behind the 9000 Series encoder/decoder. Organizations require:

Greater Density –

VBrick enables more efficient video distribution from enterprise head-ends where physical space is at a premium, and encoding/decoding per-square-inch becomes a deciding factor for a successful deployment. Additionally, 9000 Series encoder/decoder-based installations are considerably “greener”, reducing per channel footprint, power consumption and HVAC usage/expense. Available in both an appliance and blade form factor; appliances can be configured with up to 4 HD encode channels or a combination of encode and decode resources. Rack mounted blade chassis can be deployed to support up to 44 channels of encode or 11 channels of decode.

Better Video Quality –

The 9000 Series encoder/decoder is designed to support mission-critical surveillance, telemedicine or any application where sub-100 millisecond end-to-end latency and multi-channel1080p 60 fps encoding/decoding is critical. Advanced encoding services such as H.264 High Profile and CABAC entropy coding provide the highest quality per bit of video.

Superior Price-performance –

The 9000 Series encoder/decoder’s scale and quality fundamentally changes the economics of implementing an organization-wide IP video strategy, saving up to 40%. The 9000 Series introduces broadcast quality video at prices previously inconceivable in an appliance form factor.

“Release 2.0 of the 9000 Series video encoder/decoder continues to raise the bar for performance and quality, better enabling our customers to deliver mission-critical applications such as surveillance, telemedicine and video backhaul. Adding decoder capabilities into the 9000 Series increases deployment choices for our customers while extending our technology and value lead over competing video capture elements,” said Doug Howard, CEO of VBrick Systems. “And since it is a VBrick product, you can be sure it is standards-based and delivers compelling integration with our end-to-end portfolio of IP Video solutions.”

As a core element of VBrick’s Video platform, the 9000 Series is tightly integrated with VBrick’s VEMS Mystro content management solution and its Distributed Media Engine networking solution; delivering streaming video to more kinds of devices over more kinds of IP networks.

VBrick encoders and decoders are designed with purpose-built hardware and software, as well as a real-time operating system. This unique appliance approach combines encoding, decoding, networking, stream serving and recording functions to deliver unmatched price-performance and ease-of-use. The 9000 Series is also the first video encoding encoder/decoder that can be intuitively managed from a mobile app, as well as traditional device-based controls.

Release 2.0 of the 9000 Series is shipping and available in all VBrick supported markets. The new release includes a new single channel decoder and new dual channel encoder models that offer 1080p60 SDI inputs as well as composite video, HDMI, and Component Video.


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