IT leaders from the world’s biggest companies convened in steamy Orlando this week to hear Gartner analysts discuss, and leading providers demonstrate, the top collaboration and communications trends and technologies.

VBrick took center stage on Monday, when Brian Dreyer, Product Management Director, presented the “5 Reasons Why Streaming Services Fail in the Enterprise.” Heads in the audience nodded in recognition as Dreyer covered how online streaming services fail for:

Live webcasting – streaming services are largely built to host video-on-demand files and can’t scale to meet simultaneous requests from thousands of end users;

Bandwidth – corporate networks choke when even hundreds of employees each try to pull a unicast stream down from the cloud;

Cost – premium streaming services deliver concierge service for an exorbitant cost, and the more you do, the more you’re punished for succeeding;

Sources – streaming services often can’t take much more than a webcam-sized video source, which many organizations have top-quality studios and HD videoconferencing systems, leading to…

Quality – executives usually envision a television-like quality broadcast to employees, not a grainy, poorly lit, video postage stamp.

The presentation resonated with attendees, drawing dozens of Fortune 500 IT leaders to the VBrick booth to see a demo of how VBrick® Rev® enables companies to overcome the 5 failures, while enjoying the scalability of video management in the cloud coupled with the security of video distribution on premise.