Vbrick Rev Cloud Webex Integration Updates

Streaming and collaboration make a powerful combination, but this combination is only as powerful as the integration between these two technologies. Those who have followed Vbrick recently are no-doubt aware of our extensive integrations with Cisco collaboration technologies, including Webex, Webex Teams, Cisco Meeting Server and Telepresence as well as our recognition as 2018 Cisco Global ISV Partner of the Year.

As part of our December 2018 Rev Cloud release, we are happy to announce a suite of integration updates which make existing workflows even easier to use. Thanks to our agile development process and rapid cloud deployment, Rev Cloud customers receive feature updates approximately every eight weeks, so these feature updates build on our continuous improvement in this area.

Last year, we announced the Vbrick Webex Teams bot, which made it easier for Webex Teams users to search and obtain content from Rev while using the Webex Teams interface. The December 2018 updates focus on improving the Rev side of the experience. Rev Cloud has had the native ability to make SIP video calls and record those calls for some time. Previously, this required a Rev user to enter a known SIP URI in order to initiate that recording. Today, we have simplified that workflow for Webex Teams users by providing a simple “Webex Teams” button in the recording interface. Simply select this option, chose from your active Webex Teams spaces and click “Start Recording” – it’s that easy!

The second new feature similarly improves the workflow for live events through Webex Teams. Previously, event hosts would need to list a SIP URI in order to host an event with Webex Teams as the source. Today, we’ve simplified that workflow with an easy selection box:

Once a live event is scheduled by this method, users in the Webex Teams space are alerted with all of the details of the event. This workflow allows your organization to easily and seamlessly use Webex Teams spaces in combination with Cisco Telepresence end points as the video source for a live event – allowing tens of thousands of end-users to join Vbrick Rev for a quality streaming experience!

Finally, a small change, but we’ve improved the display of recordings that have been shared back to Webex teams, leveraging the markup language to make these recordings easier to use:

These three updates combine to make the existing Vbrick Rev + Cisco Webex integrations even easier to use, eliminating any manual copying of SIP URIs and making it easy for ANY user, not just a technical one, to hit the easy to use “Webex” button in Vbrick Rev. Stay tuned in early 2019, as we will be announcing more exciting features, including options to make it easier to automate the import of recordings from Webex and Webex Teams into Vbrick Rev and improvements developed in conjunction with Cisco to make it easier to manage Rev content from within Webex.

Happy streaming!