The exploding demand for organizations to share content in a timely, affordable and widely distributed manner, across departments and geographies, sparked the development of the new 9000 Series Presentation Appliance. Just released, customers can now easily combine multiple inputs from different sources into a single, combined stream for live and on-demand viewing.

This robust, portable appliance enables even non-technical presenters to broadcast live meetings, events, town halls, executive broadcasts, and lectures –reaching audiences big or small, down the hall, in a classroom or around the world.

The simple, Web-based interface allows users to combine audio, camera inputs and VGA/ HDMI/DVI/DisplayPort desktop capture inputs into one, H.264 video stream. Presenters have the option to use up to four simultaneous inputs, four HDMI sources, two VGA sources and two component video sources and are offered an array of optimized display arrangements from which to choose.

The 9000 Series Presentation Appliance seamlessly integrates with VBrick’s video management platform, VBrick’s Cloud Streaming Services and VBrick’s Distributed Media Engine to enable presenters to deliver multiple bit rate video that can be displayed on small and large screens and shared across any network.

Featuring the highest quality HD video, an easy, point and click interface and viewing capabilities on multiple devices, the 9000 Series Presentation Appliance is a powerful solution to the meet the growing demand for affordable, reliable content sharing.

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