VBrick, a leader in enterprise video platforms, announced today that its video management platform, video delivery servers, encoders and set-top boxes have been tested and found fully compliant across a range of operational criteria for use on the Air Force Network (AFNET) through 2017.

The ATO enables the Air Force to meet assessment, information assurance, authorization and certification and accreditation directives by using the VBrick online video management system for a wide range of cost-effective online applications, including:

  • Live streaming webcasts  ̶  executives can securely broadcast important messages through the VBrick portal and utilize the live Q&A, polling and chat capabilities;
  • Video-on-demand capabilities  ̶  trainers and subject-matter experts can record and upload video and rich-media presentations to the central VBrick portal that allows authorized end users to search, locate and replay sessions anytime, from anywhere;
  • Scalable streaming video – can be delivered live or on demand, across wide and local-area networks, using VBrick’s Distributed Media Engine (DME) as an enterprise content delivery network. The VBrick DME network ensures that live and on-demand streams are delivered and cached at the network’s edge then distributed to end users in the proper format, using the most bandwidth-efficient method;
  • IPTV – already used across dozens of Air Force bases worldwide, IPTV enables the Air Force to meet situational awareness mandates at a cost considerably lower than coax systems. The VBrick solution also enables end viewers to access the secure VBrick video portal where they can watch the live streaming television channels from PCs and mobile devices;
  • Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) streaming – using VBrick’s rugged, reliable and scalable appliance-based encoders, ISR streaming can be centrally managed and controlled by the VBrick video management platform.

“Air Force Enterprise worldwide can now take advantage of our proven and certified video management platform for cost-effective online communications and training,” said Shelly Heiden, CEO of VBrick. “It’s gratifying that VBrick, which has been a trusted supplier to the Air Force for more than a decade, can again run through the Air Force’s testing and certification requirements and continue to meet their stringent network performance and security criteria.”


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