VBrick is pleased to announce commercial availability of Rev Create, a new rich media publishing tool that works seamlessly with the Rev enterprise video platform to enable subject matter experts to create, publish and share video-based content to speed product training, sales and partner enablement, new-hire onboarding and across-the-board knowledge transfer.

With Rev Create, knowledge workers and experts can use video from webcams and screen capture to create a professional-quality, rich media presentation that can be edited and uploaded to Rev. Rev Create is a simple, intuitive tool that captures your desktop, audio and optional video to create streaming video presentations that can be shared with virtually any online viewer on any device.

Rev Create provides simple controls allowing you to select the part of your desktop you want to record and/or stream, select from your connected audio and video sources, start and stop recording, edit recordings, export and/or upload, and set preferences for video quality, frame rates, and authentication and streaming.

Rev Create supports easy top/tails editing and internal cut editing to remove sections of a video. After you have completed your edits and have a final version you would like to publish, you can upload it to Rev where the video asset will be managed, stored and easily searched for future viewing. Once in Rev, the video will be subject to organizational policies for content approval and user access to ensure appropriate content is shared and that the correct people can view the video.

Employee-generated content is a very economical way to produce informal videos and for organizations to leverage their internal experts to share knowledge and best practices among their peers. Organizations that do this successfully are able to improve company-wide employee engagement and collaboration, motivation, productivity and operational efficiencies.

For more information about Rev Create, view the data sheet here.