VBrick Systems, Inc. today announced its selection by Frost & Sullivan as the 2014 Enterprise Video Webcasting Solutions industry market leader.

Each year, Frost & Sullivan conducts extensive research, interviewing webcasting users and major vendors to provide industry forecasts and strategic shifts. The results are published in the Frost & Sullivan Enterprise Video Webcasting Solutions report. In its 2014 report, Frost & Sullivan determined that VBrick was the industry market leader based on having the largest share of the enterprise webcasting market worldwide.

Frost & Sullivan credited VBrick’s success at identifying future growth trends and reflecting these in its product line strategy as key to achieving industry leadership.

“VBrick has been among the few traditional webcasters to re-architect its solution from the ground up to a cloud architecture. VBrick’s cloud solution empowers the company to deliver scalable, reliable webcasts across the largest global organizations. This has been a significant point of differentiation from much of its competition whose solutions are still based on old server-based technologies,” said Anisha Vinny, Frost & Sullivan industry analyst and the report’s author.

“We are honored to be named the 2014 market leader by Frost & Sullivan,” said Shelly Heiden, VBrick CEO. “This further validates the strategy we embarked on over two years ago to build the next-generation enterprise video platform capable of truly enabling our customers to accelerate their success by using video to enhance collaboration, knowledge transfer and customer engagement.”

Recognizing the opportunity in cloud-based webcasting in 2010, VBrick brought in a new executive management team, with extensive cloud and SaaS background, to completely re-architect its solution for the cloud. Its VBrick® Rev® platform provides the scalability, convenience and ease of maintenance of a cloud solution with the flexibility of a hybrid deployment using video application management in the cloud and video distribution and storage on-premises.

Read Frost and Sullivan report here.


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VBrick believes in the power of video to transform the workplace. Its Rev enterprise video platform removes the technology and pricing restraints that have held business back from tapping video’s clear advantage to persuade, inform and compel people, wherever they are.

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