Vbrick Delivers New Era of Video Intelligence and Improved User Experience in The Rev June Release

Vbrick continues to innovate with real-time video analytics, enhanced Zoom integration and improved video content management.

Herndon, VA – June 22, 2020 – Vbrick, the leader in enterprise video platform solutions, today announced innovations and enhancements in webcast analytics with the June 2020 Rev Platform release.  Rev’s video intelligence enhancements include a new industry leading real-time analytics dashboard to provide visibility into webcast performance.  Additionally, existing Zoom integration has been enhanced to deliver a more seamless user experience.  

Communication and employee engagement are critical as workforces become more distributed.  As a result, companies are turning to video webcasts as an important communication vehicle.  However, many companies lack the reporting capabilities to understand how well they engaged audiences with video or how the live video event performed technically.  These companies are left with limited video intelligence and are at risk of failing to engage audiences, or worse, delivering poor video experiences because they are not identifying potential audience experience issues. 

The Rev June 2020 Release builds on existing video analytics strengths to deliver revamped real-time webcast analytics and key performance indicators for measuring live video event performance.  Through the new analytics dashboard, users are able see real-time data by zones, viewing devices, and attendees and also benefit from quality of experience metrics.  The dashboard offers enhanced video intelligence reporting on key performance indicators such as rebuffering duration, average rebuffer length, experienced errors vs total viewers and multicast errors vs total viewers.

Additionally, the Rev Cloud June Release builds on existing strengths integrating with video conferencing solutions to extend their reach and use to conduct large audience events.   Zoom users can now record a Zoom meeting in Rev by simply entering the Zoom Meeting number.  Users can also now easily use password protected Zoom meetings as a source for live events.  The June release further improves application management with simplified and centralized management of Distributed Media Engines (DMEs) which provide dynamic live stream creation, bandwidth optimization, and automated and intelligent video-on-demand (VoD) sharing and prepositioning.

The Rev Cloud June Release also continues Vbrick’s investment and innovation in video content management.  Enhancements include video on demand recommendations  and improved video search.  While companies continue to invest in video and build their video libraries, the need to easily search and manage video content becomes more critical. “As video becomes the main medium used by businesses to communicate, collaborate and learn, our mission is to ensure companies have the capabilities to use video to engage, empower and transform their organizations.   A key component of this is delivering the video intelligence needed to continuously deliver the best video experience possible.  I’m excited that our latest release continues to innovate in the areas of video intelligence and user experience to support video as a key component of the digital workplace,” said Olivier Meyer, VP of Product, Vbrick Systems, Inc.

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Vbrick enables organizations to leverage the power of video to engage, empower and transform.  Our industry-leading Rev enterprise video platform is a complete solution for businesses to capture, manage and securely distribute live and on-demand video globally at scale to any device.  The world’s most widely recognized brands adopt Vbrick solutions to overcome network complexity and risk to meet critical live video needs from CEO all-hands meetings to team broadcasts and to support innovative uses of on-demand recorded videos for sales, marketing, training, compliance, security, and user-generated content.  Vbrick solutions integrate with and complement unified communications systems and provide the analytics and intelligence to maximize return on video investments.  To learn more, visit https://vbrick.com/.

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