Vbrick Announces the Release of Rev Connect At Enterprise Connect

Vbrick extends Rev with Rev Connect to add peer-assisted distribution to its eCDN solution portfolio.

Orlando, FL – March 19, 2019 – Vbrick, the leader in enterprise video platform solutions, today announced the release of Rev Connect, the next generation peer to peer enterprise content delivery network (eCDN) solution for live streaming at Enterprise Connect, the leading conference for Enterprise IT professionals charged with communications and collaboration decision making.  The Rev Connect solution joins Rev’s world-class video eCDN portfolio, addressing the problem of video distribution to remote offices with limited bandwidth or limited IT resources.

As companies expand geographically and increase their use of video content, they are challenged to deliver high quality video to a dispersed workforce.  To overcome this challenge and effectively distribute video across their networks, companies must employ a content delivery or content distribution network (CDN).  A CDN is a geographically distributed network whose goal is to provide high availability and high performance by distributing the video spatially relative to end-users. This is often accomplished by leveraging a distributed network of servers or virtual machines to effectively distribute content.  However, single approach eCDN solutions can only support single technical challenges while customers often face multiple challenges across their network.  Through Rev Connect, Vbrick has added agent-free peer to peer distribution to its already robust eCDN portfolio which includes Distributed Media Engine (DME), Flash-less Multicast and Akamai.

“In today’s network environment, companies need options and flexible capabilities to distribute content.  Rev Connect further enhances our ability to ensure companies can maximize their investments in video – whether a live webcast or video-on-demand content,” said Shelly Heiden, CEO of Vbrick.

Rev Connect builds on WebRTC technology to establish a peer mesh network where individual browsers share content with other browsers.  This extends the reach for content distribution without the need for real or virtual hardware.  Rev Connect provides easy and secure administration controls for peer meshing to ensure the customer is always in control and their network is secure.  Additionally, there is no requirement to download any additional software to deliver video through the Rev platform directly to a user’s browser.

About Vbrick

Vbrick enables organizations to leverage the power of video to engage, empower and transform.  Our industry leading Rev enterprise video platform is a complete solution for businesses to capture, manage and securely distribute live and on-demand video globally at scale to any device.  The world’s most widely recognized brands adopt Vbrick solutions to overcome network complexity and risk to meet critical live video needs from CEO all hands meetings to team broadcasts and to support innovative uses of on-demand recorded videos for sales, marketing, training, compliance, security, and user generated content.  Vbrick solutions integrate with and complement unified communications systems and provide the analytics and intelligence to maximize return on video investments.  To learn more, visit www.vbrick.com.

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