VBrick today announced cloud-based video conferencing streaming and recording services in its Rev enterprise video platform that leverage Rev’s massively scalable cloud-native architecture and a new, proprietary integration service that converts feeds from any SIP-compliant device – in real time – into adaptive streaming for any viewer, on any device.

The unique cloud-based recording and streaming capabilities in Rev are both truly horizontally scalable and preserve the end user viewing experience. The Rev cloud service seamlessly connects to any SIP-based conferencing system and automatically converts SIP-based content in real time to multi-stream, multi-bitrate adaptive HLS playback. Rev then makes all SIP-based recordings discoverable and distributed via its centralized management system, enabling end users to rapidly locate relevant content via searchable audio text and extensive metadata.

The new capabilities also further democratize the ability for anyone, in any conference room or office, to use their endpoint to easily launch professional-quality webcasts to audiences of any size, from staff meetings to audiences around the globe. Users simply connect to a video conference session by entering a SIP address in Rev, which then designates it as the streaming source. When the meeting is over, the recording will be automatically uploaded to Rev and treated like any other video uploaded into the system.

The Rev cloud video conferencing streaming and recording capabilities will be offered on consumption-based model, with flexibility to apply hours to both recording and streaming and will be included with Rev user subscriptions. The Rev cloud video conferencing streaming and recording capabilities will be available later this summer.

“Our vision has always been to leverage cloud technologies and streaming innovation to make video seamless and easy for organizations to adopt throughout the enterprise,” said Shelly Heiden, CEO of VBrick. “This latest innovation further removes the technology silos between video conferencing and streaming video and enables customers to leverage the investment and expand the use of their existing video conferencing implementations,” she said.

The VBrick Rev enterprise video platform uniquely removes the technology and pricing restraints that have held business back from tapping video’s clear advantage to persuade, inform and compel people, wherever they are. Rev’s technology delivers a modern portal experience to workers that mirrors that of consumer websites, intuitive workflows that enable non-technical users to run the most common video applications, and its own software-defined network distribution capability that securely delivers premium visual quality across many devices and widely varying network conditions. Rev’s pricing model encourages unlimited video creation, viewing, bandwidth and storage via a straightforward, predictable annual subscription.