VBrick today announced that it has collaborated with Adobe to integrate Adobe Flash multicast protocol directly into VBrick’s Rev enterprise video platform, a new approach that gives customers instant access to Adobe Flash multicasting without requiring separate server licensing and without loading special stream receivers or proprietary players.

VBrick integrates the Adobe Flash multicast protocol directly into its intelligent media server – the VBrick Distributed Media Engine. This eliminates the need for customers to purchase and integrate their own Adobe Media Server. Furthermore, since Flash is already installed on the vast majority of personal computers worldwide, viewers do not have to install a third-party service to enable multicast delivery.

“With Microsoft’s announcements to discontinue support for Windows Media and Silverlight, enterprise customers need an alternative multicast solution,” said Shelly Heiden, CEO of VBrick. “By integrating Adobe Flash as a seamless part of our Rev platform, VBrick is now best positioned to deliver live streaming video behind the firewall for the foreseeable future,” Heiden said.

“Video streaming within the enterprise requires a robust platform capable of adapting to existing enterprise IT capabilities and not disrupting existing workflows. Many enterprises today are exploring ways in which they can leverage their existing capabilities to harness the power of video. The inclusion of Flash multicast protocol directly into VBrick’s Rev enterprise video platform comes at a very opportune time given the installed base of Flash within the enterprise,” said Mukul Krishna, Senior Global Director for Digital Transformation at Frost & Sullivan.

Rev enables organizations to unleash the power of video to educate, inform and inspire employees anywhere and on any device. The platform’s ease of use increases engagement and adoption by delivering the same consumer-grade experience employees expect from their use of video and social media sites. Customers can stream high quality live and on-demand video across their own networks using Rev’s embedded eCDN capabilities, which ensure that video uses the least possible bandwidth.

As the industry’s first, cloud-native platform for enterprise video, VBrick Rev allows organizations to rapidly deploy their own video management system (in days, versus months) without incurring the infrastructure costs, staffing requirements  and system downtime required to deploy and maintain traditional server-based, on premise products.


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VBrick believes in the power of video to transform the workplace. Its Rev enterprise video platform removes the technology and pricing restraints that have held business back from tapping video’s clear advantage to persuade, inform and compel people, wherever they are.

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