During periods of leadership change, nothing is more important than effective communication. Employees want to know exactly what a changing of the guard means to them. As our country begins the process of installing a new president, that person must also install new appointees as well. How many new appointees? Try over 4,000 according to this Washington Post article that details the vacancies. That is 4,000 people that need to communicate change and establish new relationships, who need to keep their workforce engaged so their agencies continue to function, and those who may need to communicate a shift in strategic direction.

The power of video to communicate change cannot be understated, video represents the single best tool to deliver a message while offering something personal. We all receive enough email throughout the day so no one wants another organization change email, especially not change of this magnitude. The great part about video is that it can planned, scripted and rehearsed when needed. Employees can watch on their own time in most cases, but some agencies have invested in live video webcasting capabilities to reach hundreds to thousands of employees simultaneously. Live video offers employees a real look at their new leadership and something these new leaders should embrace. An engaged workforce is so important that engaged employees can become 21% more productive.

Communication teams are often tasked with execution of live broadcast events and it’s not something to take lightly. When a new leader wants to make a first impression, the webcast better work. Whether it’s a cabinet level secretary or an enterprise CEO, they expect the live webcast to work every time. We understand the mission critical nature of a live broadcast and weave that into the very fabric of our Rev solution.

VBrick has a long history with being the solution to deliver organizational change messages. If you’re charged with delivering a message from a new organizational leader, stop drafting a long email and check us out. We offer free trials and regular webinars featuring quick demos so let us prove to you how we can help you through a time of change.