User Experience, Administration and Video Conferencing Recording Suite Enhancements

We made a number of great improvements to the Rev platform with our last release of 2017. With enterprise security enhancements making up the bulk of our previous release, this time around we focused more on the user experience.

Upon logging in, you will notice two important changes to the system navigation and homepage. The media menu has been expanded to include all the video links you would normally find, as well as access to all of your teams right away.  The expanded media menu makes it much simpler to navigate through all your videos, browse by categories, find your uploads, and makes the experience more intuitive and natural to the user. The Teams feature in Rev also gets an important update with the new ability to make teams a carousel on your Rev homepage, allowing each user to see the Teams they are assigned to when they log in.

From the administrative side, we’ve added the ability to assign up to three back-up administrators to live webcasts. This enhancement gives you some fall back capability in case the primary admin is having technical issues or is running late, providing additional peace of mind knowing that somebody will be ready to make sure the event starts on time and runs smoothly. Admin reports received a bit of attention as well, bringing videos, users and usage to the front of the Reports section with separate tabs for easy access. We also introduced a video inventory report that will give you a download of all the videos in your system and give you stats on views, as well as all the metadata with those assets.

Finally, we’re very excited about our update to the video conferencing recording suite. Now, whenever you use a video conferencing recording system to create videos – such as a live stream coming from Cisco WebEx, a videoconferencing endpoint or Cisco Spark – those videos can now be edited directly from within Rev. Now you can trim off videos from anywhere along the timeline, whether topping and tailing or cutting snippets from the middle.

Watch the short video below for a quick rundown of the latest enhancements to the industry’s best enterprise video platform.