Types of Business Video: An Enterprise Guide

As enterprise video continues to proliferate, we see an increasing number of new business applications of this versatile medium. In this post, we look at the 12 types of video that modern enterprises are regularly planning and producing. A later post will dig deeper into the planning and production of enterprise videos.  

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Dollar Shave Club

Offering Videos

These types of video are an important part of every business, regardless if you offer a product or service. This type allows prospects to see product demos without signaling they are entering a purchase process (and attracting the attention of hungry sales staff).

B2B brands often have highly complex offers and need to have them distilled into an engaging narrative. For B2C companies, product videos may help elevate brand trust and authority with a detailed look at how they make the product. In this example, we highlight one of the most successful Offering Videos of all time: Dollar Shave Club’s 2012 viral launch video. This video only cost $4,500 to produce and was shot within a single day.

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Explainer Videos

Explainer videos tend to be focused around educating your target audience around a particular challenge they are facing (related to offering). These are the mirror strategy of the product video. The goal here will be to build trust and establish your expertise in solving a prospect’s problems.

Unless your offering is an impulse purchase, your marketing strategy likely requires content like this to help turn potential customers into leads. Here we have highlighted a great explainer on Topic Clustering, which is a newer strategy within the technical discipline of Search Engine Optimization.

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(ARCHIVED) The Atlassian Story

Onboarding Videos For New Hires

Onboarding Videos continue to grow in usage as there are increasing pressures to retain staff with universal trends towards job-hopping. According to Aberdeen, top HR departments were 35% more likely to start the onboarding process before the employee’s first day.

As companies become more dispersed, introducing company culture and procedures via video is becoming an attractive option. Video offers an alternative to the high costs of travel, meals, and lodging for onboarding remote staff. In this example, the co-founders of Atlassian introduce the company culture and history to new employees and prospects.

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Metro Email Service

Training Videos For Employees

Video is a fantastic medium for knowledge sharing within the enterprise thanks to its ability to scale a single talented trainer to the entire business. Furthermore, enterprises across various industries are required to certify staff compliance on topics such as best practice security. This example shows how EY chose to reinforce email security policies in a more engaging way than dry bullet points in slides. Read more about how enterprises are leveraging training videos to overcome common challenges.

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Taking off in Iceland: Dyson Airblade Tap hand dryer - Official Dyson Video

Customer Testimonial Videos

Social proof is critical element of every product or service’s purchase process.  Video content offers an unparalleled ability to convey customer base wins and connect them with prospects. Testimonial videos use the customer’s voice and fully capture the complete emotional context of their experience.

For this example, Dyson interviews their happy customers while using “B-roll” of the airport to best tell their story. We will cover the strategic use of b-roll in our next post on production.

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Taos Bakes: The World's Best Tasting Snack

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are a broad category and often overlap with other types. They can be generically described as content marketing aimed at boosting conversion rates. A great promotional video will deliver strong results in an advertising campaign, but will also be effective enough to keep delivering after the advertising ends.

Conventional wisdom is to keep these videos succinct, but our example here demonstrates how humor and storytelling will keep an audience engaged. Yes, even for a 5-minute infomercial on granola bars.

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Google interns' first week

Brand Videos

Brand videos are similar to promotions, but are less likely to be pushing a product and more aimed at highlighting the company itself. These videos are unlikely to be advertised and are more likely to be set up for organic success (attracting interest instead of pitching at prospects). Google has a strong history of leveraging video to strengthen their brand, and above is messaging aimed at luring young innovators into their culture.  

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POKÉMON Detective Pikachu: Full Picture

Social Videos

If you work in marketing, then you know how important videos for your business are to maximize social media reach. Social videos are a unique video type, and are unlikely to have much utility beyond the channels for which they were engineered. These may use square format to optimize their engagement in social media feeds or have captions hard coded into their frames.

These elements make them a poor fit for other channels, but are great at engaging and retaining (highly distractible) mobile users. The example above is the most viral example of 2019, where Ryan Reynolds “rickrolls” his fans to promote his latest movie. The combination of an unexpected humorous twist and references to popular internet memes make this a top-class example of an engineered viral social video.

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Sales Videos

Sales videos are on the opposite end of the spectrum from Social ones, and are optimized for a specific industry, company, or individual decision maker. Personalized videos have already existed in marketing departments, but were more likely to feature minor edits like a name into a standardized script.

Sales videos are more likely to reverse this ratio. The production value may be as simple as a salesperson self-recording with a phone. The content will be entirely personalized to the context of the intended person.

The team at SalesLoft ran an experiment using personalized videos to assist their closing rate, and 75% of their deals closed. The best examples of sales videos will not be publicly available. So instead, this example shares insight from Hubspot on creating personalized sales videos.     

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Amy Webb | SXSW 2019


Recordings are videos on demand that are a means of archiving important meetings, presentations, or live events. These might be used internal or external to the enterprise. The strategy for recorded video will largely depend on the intended audience, the long-term value of the content, and the cost of storing them.

Our example is an event video from the technology event SXSW. Their video marketing strategy is preserving their high profile keynotes, which they reuse to promote subsequent events.

Webinar: Live Streaming in the Enterprise


Webcasts can be similar to recordings, although they tend to be first offered as a live event. Designed in the years before widespread broadband access, many Webcasts are often just guided slide presentations with an audio track. Best practices say to reserve time for Q&A, but this still will offer very few chances to interact for the majority.

Webinars tend to deliver the majority of their value over time after becoming videos on demand. Vbrick has a collection of good examples, so we have highlighted a webcast on Live Streaming, which is our final video type for this guide.

Live Streams

Live streams represent the next evolution of recordings and webinars. They are time bound to a live event (but may become videos on demand). They should offer remote viewers significant ability to interact. Due to their increased complexity, live videos still require more strategy and technology to properly execute.

Want to learn more? Check out the assets in our resource center and review the videos and white papers on live streaming in the enterprise.

For our last example, we highlight a creative application of Live Streaming by Kohl’s. They hosted a series of free online fitness classes via a partnership with an influential fitness brand in LA. Kohl’s claimed over 30,000 live attendees viewed, and this wellness campaign went beyond branding to offer curated fitness offerings fans could buy from Kohl’s.

This list is by no means comprehensive, as there are many more subtypes of video. New applications will also continue to arrive as consuming and creating videos becomes ever easier for business users. Our next post will focus on how videos are created in the enterprise, and the needed planning before starting.