Training & Certification

Vbrick Solution Implementation Certification Program through VBrick University

Vbrick offers an Implementation Certification Program (ICP) via the Vbrick University online learning portal to certify our implementation partners so they can successfully design, install, and configure a video management solution using the Vbrick Rev and Vbrick Distributed Media Engine (DME) products. Vbrick

ICP-certified partners can expand their services practices, and uncover new client opportunities, by delivering the following services:


Implementation Services: Vbrick Rev cloud and on-premises implementations require planning and delivery with cross-disciplined teams responsible for audio/visual, network, infrastructure, security and desktops. Vbrick Rev Implementation projects include design, hardware and software delivery, testing and project management.


Managed Services: Vbrick ICP partners can deliver managed enterprise video services, such as quarterly operational updates, solution optimization and tuning, event planning and support, and best practices consulting. Partners also can add monitoring and management of the Rev enterprise video platform within existing network management services programs.


Adoption and Best Practices Services: Vbrick ICP partners also can provide best-practices consulting services on both a pre- and post- implementation basis. Customers can use Vbrick certified engineers to assist in developing an enterprise video strategy, RFP and in solution evaluation. Vbrick ICP partners can also provide post-implementation consulting to develop a strategic framework for successful, enterprise-wide video adoption.