This week Rev launched the first release of 2017, and with it arrived the introduction of several new features. The three we will highlight in this post are:

1) Teams – a better way to collaborate
2) Content expiration rules
3) An enhancement to video distribution management


Our customers have been asking for a new tool to organize video, not around metadata, but by their organizational structure. Today, we introduce Teams as a new path for organizations that want departmental collaboration within their enterprise video system. Teams will serve as the first level of organization for video. Simple setup includes adding users or groups (Active Directory groups included) to create Team membership along with branding features such as color and logo.

Each user will only be able to access the Teams they are explicitly invited to join. This way when a contributor adds a video to a Team, each member receives view access automatically so the uploader can focus on who, if anyone, should have edit access to that video. We included many of the same video search features such as filters and bulk edit in this release as we know many Teams will have large video libraries over time. We will be expanding upon Teams regularly over the coming releases so stay tuned for more.

Dynamic Content Expiration

Another tool in our retention management suite of features is video expiration. While this is not the first introduction of our expiration feature, we are adding new options make it easier to adopt expiration policies enterprise wide within our video content management system. This release adds a few new features to video expiration that include:
– Upload based expiration rules that set an expiration date based on the upload date (e.g. 365 days from upload)
– Last view expiration rules so that you can expire videos that are no longer watched (e.g. no views for 180 days)
– Create an unlimited number of expiration rules
– Set a default rule to ensure every new video receives a baseline expiration date

In addition, we added a list of all videos with an expiration date in the Videos section so that video administrators can view all videos about to expire. This enables video admins to have constant insight into their video libraries so if a video should stay active longer, overriding an expiration date is only a couple clicks.

DME Preposition Windows

With an already robust content prepositioning system on the back of our industry leading video distribution technology, we added another configuration option for companies with remote offices that have severe network constraints. Typically, we preposition content right away and allow our mesh technology to cache videos at the edge of an internal network. This option, however, allows the initial preposition to be completed during off-peak hours so as not to interrupt normal business usage preserving the bandwidth for business tasks.

We have a busy year ahead of us with more great features around the corner. For a walk through of these new features, check out the video below. Also, we’ll be hosting a webinar to walk through Rev and show how these new features fit within our enterprise video platform so be sure to register today!