The Game Has Changed for Video Portals – What You Can Do About It

Now more than ever, your company’s video portal is critical.

Why? Because we’ve changed. All of us.

It used to be simple, back when companies first started using videos. Having a video on your website or in your emails was enough to capture and engage audiences.

Not anymore. Now you have to think about your video viewer’s experience.

And that’s where your company’s video portal comes in. Let’s find out why how you deliver your videos makes a massive difference to your organization’s video content strategy.

How the Game’s Changed

Today we live in a world of on-demand and streaming video brought to us by companies from Netflix to YouTube. And these companies focus on delivering a phenomenal user experience. 

Take Netflix, for example. 

Streaming a show on that platform, Netflix lets you skip the opening credits and get right into the program. Stop watching mid-movie, Netflix’s video portal will take you where you left off whenever you return.

Or, look at YouTube. 

Nearly any Internet-connected device can play a YouTube video. That’s because the Google-owned company ensures that its video portal is accessible, whether you’re streaming from a laptop or a smartphone.

Netflix has at least 167 million subscribers worldwide. And according to YouTube, everyday people stream at least 1 billion hours of video on that platform. The prolific use of platforms like these has changed our expectations for watching videos. 

Everyone expects a video viewing experience to be as crisp and slick as it is on their preferred streaming service. That expectation extends to your employees and customers.

It’s been true for a while that a poor user experience might keep people from watching your video. What’s changed is how people define a good user experience.

The adoption of streaming platforms is redefining what we expect when viewing videos. And that’s why your company must consider how it delivers video content.

What Your Video Portal Needs

When reviewing enterprise video platforms, make sure they provide a video portal that meets today’s viewers’ standards.

Some elements to look for include:

  • Accessibility across devices, including mobile
  • Easy-to-use functionality
  • Searchable video galleries

It wasn’t that long ago that merely having video was enough. Now, though, viewers expect a smooth, enjoyable viewing experience. 

But don’t worry, you can deliver on your audience’s expectations. Choose an enterprise video platform that provides a video portal your viewers will love.

Would you like to learn more about video for the enterprise?

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