Gone are the days of emailing presentations and lectures separately to students or sending employees a deck they’ll need to reference after the CEO’s live webcast. Now, we live in the days where powerful rich-media presentations are taking over in government, education and the corporate worlds. With VBrick® 9000 Presenter, capturing live video and audio in combination with presentation slides and documents provides end users a comprehensive, seamless experience.

Simply put, Presenter makes lecture captures, event broadcasts and online trainings easier and more engaging than ever.

Your users are on the go – in the office, out of the office, in the classroom, on campus and everywhere in between. Presenter’s ability to allow users’ access from tablets, smartphones, laptops or TVs ensures they’ll be able to view it, regardless of the situation. Did they miss a live event? No problem. Easily record the presentation at the click of a button – making it available for viewing any time.

Your users are busy, being pulled in a million directions – making it difficult to keep their attention for an extended period of time. The features of Presenter give you the ability to make your presentations more dynamic and engaging to help keep their attention longer. Toggle between a variety of different layouts and backgrounds or switch between as many as four video feeds in real time without interruption – creating a unique experience each time.

On the flip side, your educators, trainers and corporate staff are just as busy! They want to set up trainings, lectures and events quickly and easily, independent of production staff or IT involvement. Using a streamlined interface, with point and click functionality and intuitive graphical icons, presenters can create sophisticated events in minutes without lengthy training sessions.

Addressing the needs of people today, Presenter is a robust, easy to use, rich-media webcasting solution in a small, portable appliance.

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