At VBrick, we have aggressive plans for 2016 to continuously improve our Enterprise Video Platform. 2015 was a great year for our platform and our company and we carry that momentum into this year with even bigger expectations.

One of our first major enhancements of the year includes an integration with Cisco’s Spark collaboration platform. For those not familiar with Spark yet, it’s time to start because this is where enterprise collaboration is heading. Cisco has been leading the way in Enterprise collaboration for some time now and they won’t be slowing down anytime soon. Spark offers a consolidated platform for messaging, calling, and meetings. Enabling enterprise workforces with persistent meeting rooms helps bridge the gap between instant messaging and email to make people more efficient.

Our integration with Spark is one more method to put video in front of users, no matter where they are and no matter the device they are using. This integration offers two easy ways to share video with Spark users. First, we have enabled a new sharing option within Rev. Now, in addition to email and a copy and paste of video links, users can share a video link with a custom message directly into Spark.

The second feature allows users to be notified of a new video directly within Spark rooms. This really opens the doors to integrating Rev and Spark into other enterprise workflows. By enabling content subscriptions, users no longer have to manually send yet another email to teams when new content is available, as this is one of the many benefits to persistent team rooms. Now, relevant video is simply posted to Spark rooms without any manual intervention. Furthermore, when content is uploaded to Rev that originated from a Cisco UC environment using an existing Rev and Cisco integration, that will also get posted back to Spark.

Stay tuned for more updates this year. We’ve got a great plan for the year and look forward to bringing you many more exciting enhancements and integrations to help make video easier for your organization.

For an overview of our latest release, watch this short video detailing our release highlights: