With any video strategy, there is a natural workflow to creating video content. First, there is a planning phase, where the content is brainstormed and scripted. Next, individuals or teams make the actual video by recording content and audio. Last, and perhaps most important, the video needs to be polished to produce the final version. Rev has had tools all along to help make the video creation process as easy as possible with Rev Create, a desktop solution for recording, and our various integrations including our video conference recording and streaming solution.

Today, we are excited to announce the release of our online video editor with our May 2017 release of Rev. This is a brand new feature included with every Rev account that allows content producers to edit video directly within Rev without the need for any legacy plugins, add-ins or Flash. We listened to our customers and delivered an easy-to-use and universally accessible solution – built directly within Rev – that does not require setup, configuration or separate licensing. If a user can upload or manage a video, they can now edit the video without having to ask IT to install software on their desktop.

Our 100% web-based online video editing solution enables users to trim not only the beginning and end of a video, but anywhere in the middle as well, such as when you need to remove sensitive material from webcast recordings. The simple interface allows users to make as many cuts as necessary to ensure the finished product is exactly what their audience expects. When combined with Rev’s rapid video processing, users can upload, modify, approve and activate videos in no time.

To learn more about how the online video editor works within Rev’s video content management system, watch the demo below and learn about the other great new features included in the May 2017 release of Rev.