Link a Live Video Source

Rev supports a variety of video formats for playback with direct linking to a video source.  This feature supports linking to either live or on-demand files served from external systems. This feature often supports IPTV uses with Rev.


Request Parameters

Name Type Description Required
title string Video title. If blank, Rev will insert the video file name in this field.
description string Video description
uploader string username for the uploading user. Can be different than the authenticated user making the API call.
categories [] string Category name. Can assign a video to multiple categories.
categoryIds [] string Category GUID. Can assign a video to multiple categories.
tags string Video tag name. Can assign a video to multiple tags.
isActive true / false Set to false by default.
enableRatings true / false Set to true by default.
enableComments true / false Set to true by default.
videoAccessControl string Options include: Public / All Users / Private / Teams – Set to private by default.
accessControlEntities [] string id = user GUID
name = username
type = User / Group / Teams*
canEdit = true / false
If Teams is set at the videoAccessControl, then a team must be specified in the accessControlEntities.

If a Team is included in the accessControlEntities, then the canEdit parameter will be ignored.

customFields[] string id = custom field GUID
value = custom field value
If a custom field is set as required in Rev, then the custom field is required in the upload API call. (See custom fields API to retrieve custom fields)
linkedUrl[] string Url = video stream URL (e.g. rtmp://
EncodingType = h264 / hls / hds / h264ts / mpeg4 / mpeg2 / wm
Type = Live/Vod
IsMulticast = true / false

Example Request

  "title": "My Training Video",
  "description": "This is what my training video contains.",
  "uploader": "john.smith",
  "categories": [
    "new hires"
  "categoryIds": [
  "tags": [
    "v2 training"
  "isActive": true,
  "enableRatings": true,
  "enableDownloads": true,
  "enableComments": true,
  "videoAccessControl": "Private",
  "accessControlEntities": [
      "id": "2qwerasd-323d-asd3-0dk3-asd9dld89aos",
      "name": "jane.jones",
      "type": "user",
      "canEdit": true
      "id": "l30dsld0-03l3-9k3s-djk2-mcidf9dk24e3",
      "name": "new hire group",
      "type": "group",
      "canEdit": false
   "customFields": [ 
   "id": "6a1bfa14-dcff-4d64-880b-635c8d48acc0", 
   "value": "human resources" 
   "linkedUrl": {
    "Url": "rtmp://",
    "EncodingType": "h264",
    "Type": "Live",
    "IsMulticast": false

Example Response

  "videoId": "c8e8d565-0747-4be6-8547-0ffb1a327dda",
  "statusUri": "/api/v1/videos/c8e8d565-0747-4be6-8547-0ffb1a327dda/status"

Response Codes

Code Description
200 ok
401 Unauthorized error
500 Internal server error