Getting Started

Thanks for checking out the Rev developer portal. If you’ve used Rev you know how easy it enables organizations to take advantage of high quality live and on-demand video.

Videos have several types and uses cases, but fundamentally we’re talking about live or on-demand video. Live can either be scheduled, as in a webcast, or ad-hoc, as in IPTV. Video on-demand has many sources but integrated sources can be a great method to extend the power of Rev to various uses around your organization.

What’s possible with Rev APIs?

Vbrick invests engineering resources on a regular basis to ensure the Rev API suite is able to meet as many demands as possible. Some of the most common actions using the Rev API include:

  • Uploading video from third party systems
  • Searching video which includes the Rev speech search
  • Creating libraries of video with embedded playback
  • Scheduling webcasts
  • Setting up IPTV or live video feeds on the fly
  • Managing users and other administrative related functions

Methods & Content Types

Rev APIs are RESTful. In REST, each resource is represented by a base URL like /videos and the HTTP methods GETPOSTPUT and DELETE are used to request data and perform actions on those resources.

For methods that accept request parameters the platform accepts either application/json or multipart-formadata content types and currently only supports returning data in application/json format.


All APIs documented here are available with Rev cloud accounts. However, they all may not be available with certain versions of on-prem versions of Rev. An API that is only available with cloud accounts will note the on-premises version of Rev that the API has become available or the version of Rev that received an update to a particular API.