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Enterprise Video Analytics

With Rev, you have access to robust insights delivered with real-time analytics for live events and engagement analytics video-on-demand. Users can optimize return on their video investments during and after broadcasts by extracting trends and patterns about viewer experience and engagement.

State of Video in Corporate Communications (eBook)

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State of Video in Training (eBook)

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Aragon Research Globe for Enterprise Video (Report)

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Virtual Events in 2020 (eBook)

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Vbrick Further Expands Video Analytics and Video Conferencing Integration In The Rev August Release

Vbrick continues to innovate in video analytics, enhanced VCI capabilities and expanded API integration. Herndon, VA – August 18, 2020 – Vbrick, the leader in enterprise video platform solutions, today announced the delivery of enhanced video analytics with the August 2020 Rev Platform release. Enhanced video-on-demand (VOD) analytics and webcast analytics continue the innovation in…

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Webinar: The State of Video For Talent Development

We have seen video grow exponentially in the last several years as people move away from the written word in favor of the more engaging format of video. Globally, video will become more than 80 percent of all internet traffic (business and consumer) by 2022—up 75 percent from 2017. At the same time, the workforce…

Aragon Research Vendor Power Rating

Vbrick has evolved significantly over the years, and under the leadership of the current CEO Shelly Heiden, it has emerged as a leader in the enterprise video market. The demand for video has changed significantly in the COVID era and Vbrick is positioned well for this change. Aragon Power Rating Overview The objective of the…

Webinar: Harnessing the Power of Video with AI

Learn how AI and machine learning can help you understand and harness your video content to increase the productivity of your organization.

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How to Run a Virtual Event in 2020 (eBook)

Maybe you’re looking to improve virtual events you’ve been running, or your company is now moving a physical event online. This guide can help. We’ll walk through everything you need to plan and execute a virtual event.

The State of Video in Training in 2020 (eBook)

Throughout this document surveyed training professionals reveal how video is being used to train and how they are leveraging it for new and exciting use cases in 2020.

Recording: Virtual Federal Symposium 2020

Hear from our expert panel on how your colleagues in federal, state and local government are using live and recorded video to communicate with citizens and keep their employees engaged and productive while working from home.

Webinar: Video Enabled Business Continuity – Easy as 1-2-3

In this recorded webinar some of our video experts discuss best practices for leveraging Rev in these challenging times.

Webinar: The State of Video in Corp Comms

Learn how Corporate Communications pros are planning to use video in 2020, and best practices for external and internal communication.

The State of Video in Corporate Communications (White Paper)

We have seen video grow exponentially in the last several years to the level that people are moving away from the written word and are expecting to view content in a more engaging format. No one understands this video revolution more than Communications professionals do. A recent survey indicated that 80% of enterprises say video…

Virtual Events Replace the Physical

Vbrick’s Virtual Events solution allows speakers to connect with attendees through video – both through live streaming and via video on demand.

Datasheet | Vbrick Rev Virtual Event Solution

Conference and tradeshow organizers know how important
it is to have a perfect event for their sponsors, speakers and
participants. There are a lot of moving parts and
everything has to meet high expectations. While many
event organizers are leveraging video to replace physical
events entirely with live streaming and on-demand video,
the orchestration is critical.

Governments Reach Constituents Through Video

Reaching citizens and employees while they are working from home has never been easier with the use of Vbrick Rev – an Enterprise Video Platform that allows a speaker to reach large audiences.

Datasheet | Multilingual Subtitles

Rev natively supports transcribing hosted videos, uploading your existing (.SRT) subtitles, and translating those subtitles.