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Returning to the Office (Ebook)

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Returning to the Office (eBook)

  The pandemic changed everything, and the old way of doing work is never coming back. Video streaming habits have changed, and as offices begin to reopen and companies transition to a hybrid work model, business leaders need to explore enterprise video platforms to properly store and effectively deliver their video content, as well as…

Vbrick Appoints Enterprise Software Veteran as Chief Revenue Officer

Herndon, VA – July 15, 2021 – Vbrick, the leader in enterprise video solutions, today announced that it has appointed Jim Rich as Chief Revenue Officer to accelerate new customer acquisition and revenue growth. Vbrick is pleased to announce the appointment of Jim Rich to the position of CRO reporting to CEO Shelly Heiden. Jim…

Save your seat for the Vbrick Federal Symposium

Vbrick Virtual Federal Symposium 2021

Learn How Video Powers the Future of Work in the Federal Government The unprecedented acceleration of digital transformation initiatives in 2020 and planning for a hybrid work environment has necessitated an even greater need for employee communications within government agencies. Vbrick has remained committed to helping our government customers enable collaboration and visual communications, whether…

Webinar: Five Ways Vbrick Rev Makes Microsoft Teams Better

The rapid shift to working from home in 2020 was a boom for video conferencing platforms.  Between February and March 2020 alone, Microsoft Teams saw an uptick of 379%. This surge has continued into 2021, as organizations increasingly need video to keep their remote employees engaged and productive.  With all this video flooding their networks,…

Vbrick Rev and Microsoft Teams

Using Microsoft Teams  and Vbrick’s Rev Platform together enables companies to deliver video across a variety of platforms and devices, making enterprise video easier and more manageable than ever before.

Framework for Enterprise Streaming (Report)

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Enterprise Streaming Strategy Framework (Report)

Transforming Your Organization from a Video Laggard into a Corporate Video Leader Whitepaper by This report shines a spotlight on the techniques and priorities of those organizations that are most aggressive in implementing technologies enabling one-to-many video business communications. This analysis will focus on how approaches to enterprise streaming can vary between experienced and inexperienced…

Aragon Research Identifies Vbrick as a 2021 Globe Leader for Sixth Time

The Globe Positions Vbrick As A Leader In The Enterprise Video Platform Market Herndon, VA – January 28, 2021 – Vbrick, the leader in enterprise video solutions, today announced that it has been named a Leader in Enterprise Video by Aragon Research. Video is growing in popularity and much of the growth is happening organically. …

The Aragon Research Globe for Enterprise Video (Report)

15 enterprise video platforms were analyzed for their capabilities and the ability to integrate with key enterprise systems.

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Webinar: Enterprise Connect Virtual Bootcamp

Enterprises that rushed to deploy remote-work technologies in response to the coronavirus pandemic are reaching the next stage of their strategy:

Enterprise Video Analytics

With Vbrick’s Rev enterprise video platform, you have access to robust insights delivered with real-time analytics for live events and engagement analytics video-on-demand. Users can optimize return on their video investments during and after broadcasts by extracting trends and patterns about viewer experience and engagement.

Vbrick Innovation 2020 User Conference

Thanks for Attending Vbrick Innovation, stay tuned for 2021 details. Watch these Videos on Demand

Webinar: The State of Video For Talent Development

We have seen video grow exponentially in the last several years as people move away from the written word in favor of the more engaging format of video. Globally, video will become more than 80 percent of all internet traffic (business and consumer) by 2022—up 75 percent from 2017. At the same time, the workforce…

Aragon Research Vendor Power Rating

Vbrick has evolved significantly over the years, and under the leadership of the current CEO Shelly Heiden, it has emerged as a leader in the enterprise video market. The demand for video has changed significantly in the COVID era and Vbrick is positioned well for this change. Aragon Power Rating Overview The objective of the…

Webinar: Harnessing the Power of Video with AI

Learn how AI and machine learning can help you understand and harness your video content to increase the productivity of your organization.

Customer Webinar: Video Intelligence and Rev IQ

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Rev IQ unlocks the value trapped in a company’s video library.

Simmons University’s Secret to Virtual Conference Success

The 41st annual Simmons Leadership Conference, the premier women’s professional development event, was scheduled for April 16, 2020 and set up for success having sold out with 3000 prospective attendees. However just one month before the event COVID-19 began to sweep the nation, and plans had to pivot towards transforming into a virtual event immediately.  In this…

The Rise of the Video-Enabled Digital Workplace

White Paper BY STEVE VONDER HAAR, Senior Analyst Video technologies are taking their turn in the corporate spotlight. Adoption of business video solutions surged during the first half of 2020 as COVID-19 quarantines spurred a new temporary class of work-from-home employees to experiment with video capabilities as a means to stay productive and engaged. Accelerated…

Webinar: The Age of Video for Business Has Arrived. Are you Ready?

Preparing Your Organization to Capitalize on a New Wave of Video Adoption Thursday, July 30th 12PM EST In 2020, necessity has been the mother of business video invention. Work-from-home quarantines have left individuals scrambling for tools to keep them engaged and productive – a hunt for technology tools that have introduced many to the power…