Video Sources

Rev’s powerful cloud platform changes video from any source into universal IP streams so anyone, anywhere, can watch, webcast, collaborate, sell, train, educate and innovate using video.

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Rev's Enterprise Video Sources


High definition, IP, standards-based mobile or drone cameras for live and VOD capture both local and remotely controlled

Video Production Solutions

Hardware workstations and/or video production software


Vbrick 9000 encoders and 9000 Presenter and industry-standard encoders

Video Conferencing

Hardware or software endpoints, on premise or cloud

Unified Communications

Capture from Cisco Meeting Server, Cisco WebEx, Microsoft Skype for Business. Share via Cisco Spark, Cisco Jabber

Mobile Devices

Cameras, standards-based streaming and VOD uploads

Desktop Webcams

Using Rev Create or any standards-based desktop rich media tool for live or VOD creation

Surveillance/ Operational Cameras

Live, MPEG2 transport stream ingest with KLV data from operational cameras

Set-Top Boxes

Rev converts and distributes video from cable and other sources as IP video streams

Streaming Servers

The Vbrick Distributed Media Engine or any standards-based streaming engine

Rev - The Ultimate Experience

Enterprise Video Like You've Never Seen It


Flexible Deployment Options

Manage Video in the Cloud, Deliver Video On Prem
Use Internal WAN and External CDN Together


Exceeds Top InfoSec Requirements

Infrastructure, Application and Operational Levels
Built to Exacting Enterprise and Government Specifications


RESTful API Suite for Developers

Frameworks for Common Use Cases
Connectors and Turnkey Integrations


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