Connect a Global Workforce with Live Webcasting

Vbrick Rev - Live Webcasting

Use the Cloud to Deliver a Seamless Experience

With Rev fully hosted in a secure cloud environment, you can ensure that all users receive the same experience whether they attend from a corporate office or a home office. Invite your entire organization to attend live town hall webcasts to maximize employee engagement. The entire experience is available from the desktop or mobile device with the scalability to reach tens of thousands of attendees worldwide.

Audience Interactivity

Rev webcasts connect the speakers and the audience with integrated interactivity features. Webcast hosts can poll and survey audiences throughout the webcast, live chat for audience members to connect, and real-time questions and answers to ensure all audience members have a voice during the program.
Vbrick Rev Portal - Live Webcasting

Scalable Webcast Moderation

Rev webcasts are built for moderation teams. Each webcast is capable of designating unlimited moderators to ensure you have the right team to handle even your largest live webcasts. With a dedicated questions and answers interface, you can be sure that moderators stay focused so webcast attendee questions are answered rapidly providing the best experience possible for attendees.

Webcast and Video Analytics

Rev offers a robust and granular suite of video analytics for each webcast. Both engagement analytics and quality of experience analytics offers webcast admins the ability to view the important details about the audience. Understand how the audience interacted with the webcast (e.g. duration, device types) and how the video stream performed (e.g. buffering, bit rate, stream types).
Vbrick Rev Portal - Webcast and Video Analytics
Vbrick Rev - High Definition Video

High Definition Video from a Variety of Sources

Knowing that webcasts serve different purposes, your organization needs flexibility with how high quality video is created. Rev supports video sources that range from traditional video encoders with more professionally produced executive townhall events to remote training sessions using a video conference system as the source.

Video Distribution Tailored to Your Needs

With security at the heart of Rev video distribution, you have options to stream efficiently and securely. Live video streaming can be 100% behind the firewall or a combination of on the network streaming and Akamai streaming for mobile webcast attendees.
Vbrick Rev - Video Webinar

Video Webinars for Demand Generation

Traditional audio only webinars leave audiences wanting more and video enabled webinars are the solution for connecting your brand to your customers. Video webinars help accelerate marketing campaigns and attendance data can be used within marketing automation campaigns to convert new leads faster than with traditional marketing content.

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