Maximize Investments in Video Conference Systems to Create Streaming Video

A Cloud Solution for Scalable Streaming & Recording

Rev's cloud solution offers a fully hosted environment for secure integration into video conference systems for streamlined and intuitive video creation and sharing.  Rev lets you use top-quality cameras and video compression capabilities from the VC systems you already own to create stunning, shareable video assets. Rev's integration with video conference systems is a great way to stream and record high-quality video and rich media content. Whether it's a weekly broadcast from your CEO or daily knowledge transfer between subject matter experts, this integration takes the hassle out of video production.

Live Streaming

Natively integrated with Rev's live webcasting capabilities, users have an easy alternative to production-intensive webcasts. Using a video conference system for both video capture and content sharing, users can easily connect and broadcast using Rev's integrated eCDN for video streaming and distribution.
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Video Recording

As more and more conference rooms are video-enabled, this becomes a simple mechanism for any user to create high-quality video. For organization that restrict installations on the desktop, Rev offers a no-software way to empower departments to create video for any number of use cases.
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Creating Video Using Existing Video Conference Systems Is a Win-Win For Everyone

Live Remote Training

Travel costs can be prohibitive for in-person employee training. High-definition live streaming from conference rooms brings the classroom to employees anytime and anywhere it's needed.
Knowledge Transfer

As staff turn over, knowledge transfer is paramount. Organizations use the simplicity and availability of video conference end points with Rev to capture institutional knowledge within their video libraries.
HR Training

Video is the best way to train new employees. Rev lets HR teams empower staff to quickly and effortlessly create video-rich on boarding programs from the closest conference room.
Product Demos

Enable product management and marketing teams to create compelling product demo videos to speed effectiveness of go-to-market teams and drive demand from end users.

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