Effortless Video Editing for All Video Creators

100% Browser Based Video Editor

Rev's video content management solution offers an easy path to video success. Rev features an online video editor that enables all content creators to easily polish their videos right from their desktop. The Rev online video editor gives users a simple tool to cut out any unwanted segments from their videos. Removing segments from the beginning, middle and end of videos is fast as users can cut as many segments as necessary within a single edit.

Webcast Recordings

As the natural next step after a webcast, editing presentation recording needs to be simple. Rev's online video editor lets users edit directly in web browsers once the recorded session has finished uploading to Rev. Rev's in-browser editing lets users create finished files in minutes so they can quickly share polished recordings with viewers who were unable to watch the presentation live.



Video Uploads

As organizations empower more users to create video, it's essential that video editing is an integral part of the video creation process. With Rev, anyone designated as a video contributor can edit their recordings without having to download or install third-party software.


Video CMS

Empower Your Users to Create Great Video With Online Video Editing

Trim Your Video

Easily trim up the beginning and end of meeting recordings so viewers get right to the presentation or cut out sensitive material from the middle of presentation recordings.
100% Browser Based

Built directly into Rev, users do not require additional software, licenses, plugins or Flash to use Rev's online video editor. Simply load the editing interface within their web browser.
Touch Up Old Video

Editing is a great way to extend the life of older videos. Simply remove outdated segments while retaining the video asset ID so that the same embeds or shared links continue working with the edited video.
Respect Video Approvals

When using video approval processes, editing a video will respect that decision of your organization. After saving a video edit, any existing approval processes will be triggered to maintain the integrity of your video library.


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