Cisco Vbrick is a Cisco SolutionsPlus partner, a designation that adds Vbrick Rev and the Vbrick Rev Distributed Media Engine to the list of products that Cisco and its authorized partners can resell worldwide.   The Vbrick and Cisco partnership launched in April of 2015 when Cisco chose Rev as its enterprise video platform, replacing Cisco Show and Share. Since then, the companies have announced a number of integrations that bring highly scalable Rev cloud-based live and recording streaming video capabilities to users of Cisco collaboration products, including Cisco TelePresence, Cisco Meeting Server, Cisco Spark, Cisco WebEx and Cisco Jabber. Today, the companies have nearly 100 joint customers, many of whom have newly adopted Rev in addition to those who have migrated from Show and Share. Learn More 
 Riverbed Vbrick and Riverbed have partnered to bring enterprise video platform and application performance platform technologies together to enable organizations to deliver high-quality videos. The integrated Vbrick and Riverbed solution enables users to view and share videos in a bandwidth-efficient way using Riverbed SteelHead™ technologies. Vbrick DMEs integrate directly into the Riverbed SteelHead EX virtual services platform (VSP) to locally deliver corporate video content, in multiple transmission formats, to users. In addition, Riverbed SteelHead WAN Optimization reduces the network footprint of other competing applications and mitigates network bottlenecks while maximizing video content distribution. Rev DMEs also acquire and transcode video to enable streaming from customer videoconferencing and unified communications systems. All of these features allow video to be captured and delivered efficiently to the branch office —closest to end users—in the format and size appropriate for the end users’ device and network connection. 
 Microsoft Microsoft customers can have scalable enterprise video using Rev as their single centralized video management and distribution platform.  Video from Microsoft Skype for Business can be automatically ingested in the Rev enterprise video platform, where they can be organized, searched, displayed and viewed by anyone in an organization. Rev also seamlessly integrates with Microsoft SharePoint to so employees can locate and play video assets the same way they do their other SharePoint assets, with Rev and DME providing secure and scalable video distribution behind-the-scenes. 
 Blue Coat Blue Coat’s WAN optimization products provide a common platform for the optimization of HTTP based video streams such as HLS. Through a technical partnership, Vbrick has ensured the safe interoperability of the Rev video management platform through Blue Coast proxies and WAN optimization devices. Additionally, Rev DME can relay HLS video streams through these devices, taking advantage of their stream splitting and caching capabilities when available. 
 Citrix Vbrick is a Citrix Ready partner. As such, Citrix customers can use Rev and the Rev DME to deliver high quality video in a highly bandwidth efficient manner across their Citrix installations. The Rev DME can be deployed virtually on the Citrix CloudBridge platform to optimize delivery of webcasts and live video. Additionally, VBrick is the only vendor that provides a multicast solution for Citrix receivers. 
 VMware In addition to qualifying Rev and DME software products on VMware hypervisors, a long standing technical partnership, in concert with VMware, VBrick has recently embarked on an interoperability strategy with respect to VMware’s VDI products, which of course include a WAN optimization component. This strategy ensures seamless connectivity for VMware VDI users of Rev Video.

One of the most compelling reasons to choose Vbrick enterprise video solutions is its ability to seamlessly integrate with our customers' existing investments in enterprise application, collaboration and network infrastructure systems. Our extensive list of global technology partners includes the following: 
  • SharePoint, WordPress, Drupal
  • Cornerstone, SAP/Success Factors, Blackboard
  •, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite
  • Pardot, Eloqua, HubSpot
  • Cvent, etouches, EventPro
  • Epic, eClinicalWorks, McKesson
  • Cisco iWAN, Akamai Connect, Riverbed, Blue Coat
  • VMware, Citrix, Microsoft Hyper-v
  • Cisco Spark, Cisco Jabber, Cisco Meeting Server
  • Jive, Yammer, Slack

Vbrick enterprise video solutions are available in more than 50 countries through a global network of qualified partners. As an extension of the Vbrick organization, partners offer industry expertise, market reach and create innovative solutions that ensure that customers in locations worldwide receive the same level of skilled and dedicated support. Vbrick’s global channel partner program is designed to help partners extend their product suite and drive new revenue growth by tapping into the fast growing enterprise video market.  Vbrick’s thorough certification process ensures that partners are solution experts and skilled advisors for how video can be used to transform business. Today, Vbrick has more than 20 implementation-certified, top-tier systems integration partners globally, with an additional 4,000+ sales resources in 60 countries.  This extensive network of partners ensures that customers in locations worldwide receive the same level of skilled and dedicated support as our customers in North America.


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