New Enterprise Security Solutions with Vbrick Rev

We know adopting cloud systems is still a work in progress. While many companies see purchasing cloud systems as the obvious solution, there are still many companies adopting cloud solutions for the first time. This is one of the many reasons we make security as our first priority and with the launch of our last Rev cloud release, we bring two more important security features to the platform to help customers move their video system to the cloud.

The first feature is for master encryption key management. With Rev hosted in the AWS, we have already taken many security steps using industry leading cloud technologies provided by AWS, but we have added yet another. AWS S3 file storage uses an industry best encryption methodology, but as AWS has added features for master encryption key management, Vbrick is now able to offer this to our customers. AWS uses two methods for master encryption key management for video on-demand content management:

  1. S3 managed keys where AWS handles the creation and rotation of master keys completely independent of any applications using S3 for file storage; this is also Rev’s default method and has been since Rev was launched a few years ago.
  2. The AWS Key Management System (KMS) allows customers to set their own policies for master key rotation. Rev now offers an integration with AWS KMS for customers that want added control over their cloud storage. With this feature, customers have the assurance of knowing they retain complete control of their video asset encryption, even when those assets are in the cloud. Existing customers can contact customer support for additional information to enable this feature.

The second feature of the release expands on our Akamai live tokenization we released last spring. This update brings support for pushing secure (HTTPS) HLS video streams directly to Akamai. Our initial update last spring covered RTMP video push to Akamai so our expansion covers the two common video streaming types, but now allows for secure video push to the cloud. And with the tokenization feature, it ensures that a nefarious end user cannot share their video stream URL outside the company while watching their all-hands webcast that may contain sensitive information.

These updates and more can be found on our Vbrick Rev security page which details all aspects of how Vbrick has created the industry’s best enterprise video platform.

For more details on our latest release of Rev cloud, watch the short video here: