Nemertes – Securing Enterprise Video Content White Paper

Video streaming is rapidly growing within the modern enterprise, with more than half now supporting live streaming of events, news, and user-generated live streams, while a nearly equal percentage of organizations allowing employees to record their own video and share it with peers. As video content grows, so too does the need to manage it in accordance with regulatory, governance, and security requirements. Absent such a strategy, organizations open themselves up to risk of unauthorized distribution of sensitive material, potentially leading to embarrassment, loss of intellectual property, and leaking of privileged communications. Despite these risks, few organizations have a proactive approach to managing video content assets in a manner that insures security and meets enterprise data governance and retention requirements.

Successful approaches require:

  • Establishing a proactive video content management strategy that provides the basis for classifying and enforcing video content governance.
  • Deploying a video content management system that provides a centralized repository, distribution mechanism, and control point for implementing a governance policy.
  • Evaluating competing video content management system platforms on their ability to meet your security, regulatory, and compliance needs.