Data drives much of our business these days, whatever industry we’re in. Data impacts business critical decisions on a daily basis, and webcasts are no different. When your CEO or other executive needs to address their workforce, video delivery becomes mission-critical. While webcasts aren’t new, we know they can be better.

This past month, we released new, Quality of Experience (QoE) analytics for Rev webcasts. QoE analytics tend to be associated with consumer video, as they are often used by OTT services with video monetization. This data is, however, equally important for ensuring that corporate webcasts deliver a high-quality streaming experience to viewers.

Webcast - QOEQoE data offers insights into the streaming experience. This differs from Rev’s core analytics, which we renamed ‘Engagement Analytics’ since they measure audience interaction such how many attended, how long they viewed, what devices they used, etc. Rev QoE goes a level deeper to help measure the streaming experience as received by viewers. QoE analytics track data, such as the bit rate of the stream that was received (which is important for adaptive streaming), and available bandwidth (to ensure there is not a mismatch between stream size and connection speed for the viewer). QoE also enables users to monitor buffering, since increased buffering time directly correlates to viewer abandonment.

Rev QoE also offers insights about certain sections of internal networks. Rev creates availability zones to ensure viewers receive streams from the closest streaming origin server (our Distributed Media Engine). By slicing data – such as multicast failover events and stream types received – system administrators can better understand and troubleshoot issues after each webcast to improve the quality of the next webcast. For instance, if one zone has an abnormally high number of multicast fail-over events, admins know that zone likely has a multicast streaming issue, rather than having to track down where the problem occurred.

The release of QoE is one many upgrades coming to Rev to simplify the streaming and webcasting experience. This feature is available to all Rev customers, and can be used for internal town hall webcast events or external marketing webinar events. Click here to watch our latest release overview video to learn more about our new, advanced analytics capabilities.